Thursday, November 20, 2008

How???? What???? Why????

You clean house all day long on a Saturday.

Since both kids are home all day they mess up the house as fast as you can clean.

You do all the laundry in the house.

On the last load you ask your son to switch out the laundry from washer to dryer.

He hands you the house phone and say's at least the phone will be clean.


How does this happen????


Monday morning at 7:30 a construction worker knocks on your door to tell you they are turning your water off for a few hours to do some work on the city's pipes.

You run to brush your teeth.

You run out the door to take the kids to school (running late) and buckle your daughter into her car seat and when you shut the door you notice a huge hole in the street right in front of your driveway.

The construction workers see your look of angst and say I think you can make it out over here if you angle the car just right.

You reply, No I can't, but maybe you can.

The construction worker asks, would you like me to back your car out?

You reply with a resounding YES.

The construction worker backs your car out with your two kids in back and you kind of freak out a little bit as he drives on your lawn in order to avoid falling in the huge hole in the street.


What????  They couldn't have asked me to move my car when they told me they were turning off my water????


Your daughter eats some soup for lunch that contains beans.

She tell you there is something stuck in her mouth and thinks it is like a popcorn shell.

You tell her it is probably some skin from a bean.

She says I can't live like this.

You tell her to use her finger and get it out.

She gags and then says I really can't live like this.

You tell her to take a drink and swish it around and it should come loose.

She does and then says it's a good thing because there's no way I could live like that.

You die laughing.


Why are little kids so stinking funny????

Monday, November 17, 2008

She's Crafty

A few weeks ago Ronnie bought me this T-shirt.



Normally I don't wear crew neck T-shirts out of the house.  I prefer V-neck or something, anything other than a crew neck.  I guess I watch too much What Not to Wear.  I love this shirt, it totally cracks me up!  It combines my love of all things crafty and all kinds of music all on one shirt.  I'm sure it would end up in the trash can of shame if Stacey and Clinton ever came knocking on my door, but oh well.   When I wear it I think...isn't it cool that my husband totally gets me.


So while we are talking about crafts, let me show you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to decorating for a party.  This is a paper bag flower.


I hung a few of these at a baby shower and everyone thought they were way cool.  I learned about them from Martha Stewart.  I guess I'm the only one that still watches Martha.  I would much rather read her magazine than watch her because she really can be quite annoying, but I could never throw away her magazines.  I have 8 years wroth of subscriptions in a closet and I decided, once the shelf they were on started to bow in the middle, that I had enough magazines.  Now your probably asking yourself how often to I look through them.  Well I organize them by month so in October I can go grab the October box and see all the fun Halloween crafts.  Whenever I want to do a holiday craft I just go grab that box and I'm set. 

Alright, enough about my magazine hoarding issues, back to paper bag flowers.

papger bag flower_edited-1

1.Get six paper lunch sacs any color.



2.Fold the bottom flap back.



3.Cut the bottom of the sac off.



4.Cut all six bottoms off the sacs



5.Grab some double sided tape or glue.  I love Zip Dry.



6.Glue or tape down the sides of all six sacs and stack them on top of each other. 


7.Cut a petal shape out on one side of the sacs.



8.Use a hole punch to make a hole through all six sacs.  Then tie a ribbon around them loosely.


9.Bring the front and back sides of the sacs together and glue or tape.  If you have a hard time making them both meet, then cut the petal shape further down the side.  Then hang from the ceiling.  Stand back and marvel at what you can do for less than a buck.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Can't Have Everything


I absolutely adore these boots. I can imagine buying outfits solely to be worn with these boots. I can imagine sitting and looking at them all the time and counting all the buttons on these boots. I can imagine learning how to properly care for leather shoes if I owned these boots.

I will never own these boots, because I am too practical.


I love Kevin Spacey. I love the way his eyes wrinkle when he smiles. I love the sound of his voice. I love his 5 o'clock shadow that he seems to always have no matter the time. Ronnie knows that if he goes to rent a movie and can't find one he wants to watch all he has to do is pick a Kevin Spacey movie and I'll be happy.

I will never be Mrs. Spacey, because I'm very happy being Mrs. Lutes.


I love this vehicle. I have priced this vehicle loaded with all the things I wanted it to have on it and even the color I wanted it to be (olive). I figured out how much money I would put down on this vehicle and what my monthly payments would be. I test drove it more than once.

I will never have this car, because my kid's education means more to me.

I know I can't have everything. I know that if I did get those boots they would probably make blisters on my feet and I would still wear them because they cost so much. I know that if I were Mrs. Spacey I would probably be annoyed because I would never get to see him due to work and well life just wouldn't be any fun without Ronnie. I know that if I drove a Commander I would park in the back of parking lots so my car wouldn't get dinged by carts. I know that you can't always get what you want and sometimes when you do get it, it's not that great. Lana has learned this life lesson this week.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trunk or Treat


                                  Kyle and Lana (aka Indy and the Indian) at the Trunk or Treat.

IMG_2088 IMG_2089

Notice Indy's whip,  I let Kyle take a weapon but not before I duct taped the heck out of it...he he he.  Also notice Lana's peacock feather?  Just so happens my really nice neighbor reads my blog and saw my costume post and called me up and said we have some peacock feathers and you can have one so Lana will be just like you.  How cool is that!

I dressed up for Halloween this year.  I was really scary.  I was so scary I looked in the mirror and was scared hair that is!



Lana came across a fellow tribe mate.  Boy howdy, was she ever surprised or maybe that is the

                                                                        sugar comma kicking in.


    Indy found the Holy Grail of the Trunk or Treat...cotton candy, it sure beats monkey brains!

I made Ronnie go vote after work on the last day of early voting.  So he arrived a little late to the Trunk or Treat.  He invited his friend Jerry to come and enjoy the festivities also. 


So here are Jerry and Ronnie dressed up as two guys that just got off work.  I won't tell you why Ronnie is laughing so hard, you'll have to ask him yourself.  That Jerry is one funny guy.  Too bad he's moving in a few weeks. We'll sure miss him.

It was getting late and the natives were getting restless. For real...what you don't believe me?



                                                                          So we high tailed it home.

                                               We hope you all had a Fun and Safe Halloween!