Monday, April 19, 2010

We Interrupt This Blog for This Important Message

Dear Mr. Jamie Oliver,

You are so stinky adorable.  I love your fun hair.  I love your accent.  I love your trucker style hats.  I love that half the time you eat with your fingers.  I love watching your Food Revolution program.

BUT, can you please tell my children it’s OK to eat pizza every now and then.  Seriously!  And while your at it can you inform them that if their choice at McDonald’s is a hamburger or chicken nuggets, that chicken nuggets is the better choice.  They used to always choose chicken until your lovely chicken nugget experiment. 

I have somehow managed to teach my children that veggies are not optional.  Not only do they eat them, they request them.  If we have spaghetti and I forgot to get the salad out there are questions. 

What I would like you to teach them is that there isn’t dessert after every meal.  This is one thing that no matter how many times I tell them they refuse to listen.  This very morning my daughter asked “what’s for dessert” after breakfast!  They do not get dessert after every meal nor do they get it after breakfast but they still ask and it’s getting really annoying. 

One other thing before we go…If parents are so outraged by school lunches why don’t they make their kids lunch?  I grew up brown bagging it, my kids brown bag it, and we are still alive to tell the tell.  I don’t feel it is the school’s job to feed my child, they are there to learn.