Friday, November 23, 2007

Shopping Spree

Black Friday is no fun for Ronnie since Sam’s has jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon. Unfortunately he had to wake up at 2:45AM and head off to work. Sue and I got up at 4:30AM and Grandpa got to stay home with the kids. I couldn’t decide where to go to first, but we ended up at Wal – Mart. We got there ten minutes early and they had already let people in the store, which was so nice. I wasn’t about to wait in line this year, I had a really bad experience at Target last year with people ramming people with carts and such. Sue and I walked right into Wal – Mart and gathered our bargains. They had so many employees out and about to help that we were able to find everything in no time. Then we went back out into the car to gather up the other ads and see if they would price match them. We tested it with one item then when that worked we searched the store for more items for them to price match. We found everything we wanted to get except for some shirts that were from Target. We had to wonder around a bit waiting until 6:00AM to get some of the items priced matched but it was so nice not running from store to store getting everything. We heard someone over the loud speaker say “Is there anyone shopping, because we don’t have anyone in line up front”. They had every checkout stand open and there were no lines. I think that is a first for Wal – Mart. We even did a little grocery shopping while we were there and there was a guy stocking the aisle that looked at us like we were crazy to be doing grocery shopping in the middle of the Black Friday rush. Black Friday was such a pleasant experience this year, everyone seemed to be in a good mood and I didn’t see anyone jumping on other people’s wheelchairs. I did see a few groups of women all dressed alike, they must have been the hardcore shoppers since they had team uniforms. Maybe I need to plan out some uniforms for next year. We were finished in time to bring home breakfast for everyone.

Hours later we were talking about putting up our Christmas tree that evening. Our Christmas tree is getting pretty old and needs replacing. I was looking through the Black Friday ads again and noticed a nice looking tree at JC Penny’s and was sorry that I didn’t notice it sooner, because I thought all the sales were over with. Then Sue points out their sale go on till 1:00PM. So we head out to get the tree. When we get there we spot one tree left. We lean against it so people walking by know that this is our tree, back away. Then one at a time we go to look at the display and I’m not really sure if I like it or not. It of course looked way different than the picture on the box and in the sale ad. I still wait in line to buy it figuring if I really don’t like it I could always bring it back. We were in a forever long line and after listening to a baby cry for ten straight minutes I decided I really don’t want to buy this. So we leave and grab some lunch, then went home to take naps.

When everyone woke up from their naps we decorated the tree. Christmas decorating doesn’t take very long because I don’t put out the breakable stuff yet. I think I need to give Lana one more year before I can fully decorate for Christmas. In the meantime I still keep collecting some really nice Christmas decorations so when I do put it all out, I think I’ll need to do some cleaning out of the decorations or get a bigger house to put them all. The kids put most of the ornaments on the tree and this year they kind of turned it into a race. I couldn’t open the ornament boxes quick enough for them. The kids had some hot chocolate and we had Christmas music playing. It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already. I’ve got most of the shopping and the decorating finished now it’s time to start on the card making and cookie baking.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


This year Ronnie’s parents (Ronnie and Sue) were able to come out for Thanksgiving. It was really nice having so many extra helping hands. The two previous years it’s been just Ronnie and I getting everything ready. Two days before Thanksgiving Grandma, Lana, and myself went shopping for last minute Thanksgiving things while Grandpa got to work on my to do list. Yes, I always seem to have a to do list for him full of things that Ronnie and I are afraid to tackle by ourselves or things that for some reason we just haven’t gotten around to.

The day before was supposed to be relaxing with all the shopping done. Grandpa and Lana went outside to look for things to make our Thanksgiving sign. I thought Lana would really like to help me make it and she did. I made some pies and tried to figure out my game plan for T day. Grandma entertained Lana by doing whatever Lana wanted to do. Kyle came home from school early; he just had a half day. Then the kids and Grandpa went to the park. Sue and I decorated a little while they were gone. Soon it was time for Lana’s nap and Grandpa really wore her out, she was asleep in no time. Later that evening I had thought of a few things I needed from the store, so Ronnie and I left to go get them. Well, shopping the night before Thanksgiving was not a good idea. The Sam’s Club right next to me had sold out of the glass goblets I wanted so we ended up going across town to get them. Then while we were over there we stopped at another store for a few more last minute things, and we could not find any turkey gravy. Then three stops later we finally found it and we were walking out of the store and remembered we needed ice, so back into the store we go. Finally two hours later we return home and I put in a roast and we all started to set up the tables for the big day. Luckily for us while we were out we went ahead and bought another pumpkin pie so before we went to bed we had some pie to celebrate our victorious shopping adventure and still had a pristine pie for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving morning I woke up to the smell of roast in the air. We checked the turkeys to make sure they were fully defrosted and they were for once. They guys were busy peeling carrots and potatoes and then Sue would wash them off and I would cut them, it was all a team effort. I kept Sue busy cleaning up after me, I swear as soon as I was finished dirtying up a bowl it was clean. It was great not having a huge pile of dishes to deal with after cooking everything. Ronnie and his Dad got the turkeys all ready to go. My Dad came over to watch the frying of the turkeys. The whole turkey process got started around 10:00am. Our Thanksgiving fest was ready to go at 12:00pm, right on time. Everyone arrived and we all ate until we were miserable. Then we perused the black Friday ads and planned out what stores we wanted to go to. After that we played Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games on the Wii. That was our futile attempt to work off our Thanksgiving dinner. We had 12 people total for Thanksgiving dinner and 10 pies…you do the math but I think it’s going take more than playing a video game to work off that damage. Not that all the pies have been eaten but I now can have at least one piece of pie a day, I think I need to throw the leftover pies out on trash day just to get them out of our house. Next year there will be a pie limit.

Later that day we went to the Magical Forest at Opportunity Village to walk around and get in the Christmas spirit. It wasn’t very crowded at all which is why we try to always go on Thanksgiving and also would doesn’t need to walk around after stuffing yourself. The kid’s faces are always so peaceful looking with the soft glow from Christmas lights lighting them up. As we were walking around someone told us that Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf were in front of us. It really was them and they had been in front of us the whole time and we didn’t know it until we were halfway through the forest. They were there with their kids and it was nice to see that no one really bothered them too much. It must be hard to go out and do things as a family when everyone knows you and wants to get pictures with you and so forth. Kyle and Lana took their annual train ride with Grandpa and then we headed home. We all went to bed with the black Friday Ads dancing in our heads.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I asked Kyle what he was thankful for last week and here is his answer.

Jesus Christ for dying for my and everyone’s sins so that I can repent

When I asked Lana I kept saying and what else, but there is no need to do that with Kyle. I think he hit the mark dead on. I am so proud of Kyle, he is really starting to think for himself and not just go along with the group. It did not surprise me at all that he said this, but it still made me smile from ear to ear. I did find a paper he brought home from school yesterday where he wrote what he was thankful for on leaves. It was a little different than what he told me in the comfort of our home, but it was still great.

A body

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Implosion Shmotion

I remember when my family first moved here. It was quite exciting to drive down the strip and see all the lights and the big things where the volcanoes and pirate fights. Then on the weekend while in high school my friends and I would cruise the strip. That was when you could actually drive down the strip in a few minutes, now there is so much traffic I think it would be infuriating. We would park at Treasure Island and walk down to the MGM making stops along the way. We had a whole routine, first our goal was to make the elevators talk to us. The Treasure Island elevators people used to talk to you if you where persistent enough. Then we would stop and visit the homeless man who was always in-between the Mirage and Caesar's Palace with his three dogs and a rabbit, we always brought dog food in a baggy and a carrot. We then went in the Forum Shops and visited friends that were working and had a shake a Boogie’s Dinner (no longer there). Then we made the long haul to MGM to visit friends working at the Midway. We also brought a flag with us that the tour groups used to use. The tour group leader would hold it up so everyone would know where to go. We had fun trying to get tour groups to follow us. I don’t think we ever got anyone lost, but we did get yelled at in Chinese once or twice.

That was back in the days when I thought Vegas was cool. My mom and I actually attended the implosion for the Dunes in '93. We were down on the strip, why I don’t know I guess we thought it was fun. Afterward we went home and both took showers, we were a bit dusty. Then on New Years of ’97, I was living in Cincinnati, OH and I watched the implosion of the Hacienda on TV. That was still somewhat exciting. Oh how the excitement has faded. Last night I was awoken at 2:30am to big booming sounds, which I have to imagine where fireworks to start the implosion of the Frontier. I have been sleeping with the sliding glass door open a little, but not last night and yet the sounds still woke me from my slumber. I just lay in bed waiting for the booms to get closer together which would mean that they were having the grand finally. It seemed to go on forever and the whole time not once did I think it would be neat to get up and go outside and watch the fireworks or turn on the TV and see them. I was just lying there waiting for it to be over with already. Then finally it was and the implosion started, which too seemed to last forever. Then as I was trying to go to sleep the dogs in the neighborhood started barking. It takes me a while to actually go to sleep, so I had just got to sleep when Ronnie’s alarm goes off at 4:30. Needless to say, I think the excitement about living in Vegas has worn off.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I know it's Friday, not Thursday, I was busy last night and then dropped into bed before I realized it was Thursday. Yesterday I asked Lana what she was thankful for and here is her list:


My Toys



and the last one, You

I was quite impressed. My mom has told me the story of seeing my brother's school work on what he was thankful for that he did when he was little. He had two things listed: green beans and mashed potatoes. She said they were all thankful for those two things because that's all he we eat at the time.

It was neat to see what Lana would say, I am going to ask Kyle the same question tonight and post it next Thursday. In first grade he had a list of what he was thankful for and a few things I remember were: chop pork (he meant pork chops), the color blue, money and video games. It will be fun to see how it has changed, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Golly Gee Look Who's 83

My Grandmother turned 83 yesterday. She had just returned from Texas and didn’t really fell like doing anything for her birthday. So we just ordered her favorite pizza and had cake and ice cream. When you are 83 there isn’t much you could possibly want for your birthday. She was just happy to be with her loved ones. We were trying to show her the Wii. She couldn’t quite get bowling down, with releasing the buttons at the right times and so forth. So I put in the card from my camera and started doodling on some photos. She really thought that was cute.

She is a huge ice cream eater and I had wanted to take her to Ben & Jerry’s to get the twenty scoop sundae called the Vermonster. So we did that today after she had a few days to rest up from her trip. In case you have never heard of the monstrosity called the Vermonster here’s the low down:

Twenty scoops of ice cream

Four ladles of hot fudge

Four bananas

Ten scoops of chopped walnuts

One fudge brownie

Three cookies

Two scoops each of four different toppings

Whipped cream and Cherries on Top

She is not a big fan of bananas, so no bananas for us. There were seven of us and we came close but we did not finish it. Later she said I think I could have eaten more ice cream but I could feel my pants getting tight. I swear she can eat more ice cream than anyone alive. And she eats it so fast and never gets brain freeze. It was a lot of fun, everyone that walked into the store came over to see the giant sundae and congratulated her on her birthday. On the way home she said, “I never knew a place like that existed”. I think I can conclude that means we will defiantly be back to try again to conquer the Vermonster.

Monday, November 5, 2007

A Turkey for You and a Turkey for Me

Here's a link to the Turkey Song by Adam Sandler

Ronnie came home early from work and that meant we actually had an entire evening with the whole family at home. Those nights don’t happen as much as one might think. On Mondays Ronnie comes home in time to pick Kyle up and go to golf. Then on Tuesdays he gets home about thirty minutes before dinner and then after dinner I go to Young Women. Wednesday Kyle and Ronnie have Cub Scouts and Thursdays he doesn’t get home until after the kids are in bed. Then we get to the weekend and we are never home for some reason or another. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining, because I’m not. All those things we do are beneficial to our family. Kyle and Ronnie get some bonding time and I get out of the house one evening a week without the kids. But it does make those evenings when everyone is home more special.

Tonight we made turkeys. That’s what we did on our evening together. How did we decide this was the night we needed to make turkeys? It was all Lana’s idea. I was reading her a story out of the Friend just before her nap and on the next page was how to make a paper bag turkey. She had told me she wanted to make that and I just said ok, thinking she would forget all about it after her nap. She woke up came down the hall and said, I’m ready to make turkeys. Ronnie had just got home and had no clue what was going on. He was quite surprised when I said ok let’s make turkeys. We raided my party supply bag where I store all the party extras like hats and plates and streamers and, what we were looking for tissue paper. We hit the jackpot because we had six different colors…woohoo. Ronnie started looking at the Friend to see what else we needed and asked if we had paper bags. Little does he know that I have a running inventory of everything in my home. It may not be written down on paper or stored on a file on the computer, but I know it’s there somewhere. Luckily I was able to find the paper bags with no problem at all. I think he was quite impressed that we actually had all the things needed to make turkeys and even more impressed that I knew where everything was. So after a whole roll of sticky dots and many many pieces of tissue paper later, we had turkeys.

I am really excited
to have these added to my Thanksgiving decor. I really don’t have very many decorations for this holiday, and the homemade ones are always the cutest.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for:

No school tomorrow because of Parent/Teacher Conferences

A calling in Young Women that has somehow inspired me to be more organized with my time and has opened my eyes to all the great girls we have in the ward

Halloween to be over with so I can get all the great deals on decorations for next year

Trunk or Treat because without it I don’t think my kids would be allowed to go trick or treating in Las Vegas (it’s scary out there)