Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lana's Birthday Party

Last week we celebrated Lana's 5th birthday. She had a Fancy Nancy party. Everyone dressed up very fancy and we had a fancy dinner and even her presents were wrapped in a very fancy way.

We all got to make our own fancy crowns.

Our fancy dinner didn't turn out right but Lana helped it out with the addition of a pink feather...very fancy!
Leave it to her parents to give her a toy/organizer. It's a bean bag stuffed with stuffed animals. I finally have a place for all her stuffed animals and she can finally have all her animals in her room...it's a win win.
Here are a few more birthday party pictures:

Click to play Lana's 5th Birthday

Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Mania

September is a crazy month for birthdays in my little world. First we have Ronnie's (husband) birthday on the 10th, then Lacey's (sister) birthday on the 20th, then Lana's (daughter) birthday on the 22nd.

This year Lana gets to have cupcakes brought to school for her birthday to share with her class. It just so happens that her class is huge! She has 32 kids in her class and that's not including her teacher and another teacher the kids call kleptomaniac that means I get to make 34 cupcakes.

I don't have cake decorating skills so I cheat. How do I cheat? I use candy and things like that to mask the fact that I can't pipe icing in a way that would make it appetizing to eat. This year I went with a flower theme for her cupcakes.


Here are the Daisy cupcakes, I found the idea for them at Family Fun.


And here are the sunflower cupcakes and I found the idea for them here.

imageWith all this birthday cake and cupcakes during the month I am really glad I was able to find a swimsuit. And as predicted, it was on sale! It would have cost about a hundred dollars, but I got it for $24, woohoo. I've been going to a few aquaerobic classes with some friends and they are fun. Today we are trying a new aqua class where we wear foam boots. Too bad I don't have anyone to video tape it, I'm sure it will be amusing and we will make quite a fashion statement. I also discovered the Fit channel on TV and they have a yoga program on there that I do at home. My hands don't slide on our rug so it's much easier and the best part I can do it at night so I can crawl in bed and go to sleep afterward.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Call me Buddha

A few weeks ago I joined a gym that a couple friends go to. This gym offers all kinds of classes that I am too chicken to go to by myself. So this morning after dropping Lana off at school some friends and I met and went to our first yoga class. The only experience I have had with yoga is from Wii Fit which is totally misleading. Wii Fit shows you the poses and tells you how steady you are but what it doesn't tell you is that the hardest part is going from one pose to another. The yoga teacher called this a sequence. The teacher also kept saying something about being graceful which I am totally not. I guess now I know why...it takes a lot of muscles I don't have to be graceful.

I learned that yoga isn't just stretching and breathing. And I certainly never thought that I would work up a sweat doing yoga. It was really a fun experience and very relaxing. I wished I could have came home and took a nap afterward, but I had to go pick Lana up from school.

Next week I'm going to try the aquatic aerobic class...maybe. I've first got to find a swimsuit, which will most definitely be on sale if there are any left. It just dawned on me, I will actually have time to go swimsuit shopping without a kid in the dressing room with me! Oh how my world is changing.

One question for anyone that does yoga, maybe it's just me, but my hands kept sliding on the mat when I was trying to do downward facing dog...what's up with that???

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kyle Turned 11

A month ago Kyle turned 11 years old. Wow, I have an 11 year old son, that must make me...yeah, OLD. I didn't go all out this year with Kyle's birthday and I think he was ok with that. We just had a small little family get together. Kyle got to pick where we went for lunch. Get this, he picked Carrabba's. No McDonald's or Chuck E Cheese's anymore, he's growing up. Here are a few videos of his big day.

Here is a video of Lacey making a pizza with Lana. The restaurant gives the kids small pieces of pizza dough to flatten out and then they can top them and bake a little pizza while they are waiting on their order.

Here is the birthday boy. He really does have better manners, I swear.

Kyle and his Papa enjoying his birthday dessert. And yes we went right home and had cake and ice cream too. Overkill??

The birthday song, yes we know, keep our day jobs.

I thought I would list a few things about Kyle right now.

He no longer likes salad

He can sing the Burning Ring of Fire from memory

He knows how to work the DVDR better than his mom

He thinks he is too old for the kids menu

He "secretly" stays up at night reading

He is tall enough to go on roller coasters

I am so glad that he is my son. Everyday he says something that makes me look at things differently. I think I have learned just as much from him as he has from me. I can't wait to see what else he has in store for us as the years go by.