Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What’s Going On In There?

Some things that have been taking up space in my brain:

image                                                                                                                          My sister had her beautiful baby boy Layton.  He was born on 09/30/09, weighing in at 8lb 8oz and 21 inches long.  He has her long fingers and toes and I’m just sure he is going to be the next great piano player.  His mom might say the next great basketball star.  Words can’t express how beautiful it is to see a young woman transform into a selfless caring mom.  She is a great mom and Layton is a very lucky boy to have her to look up to. 



Sam’s Club pumpkin pies totally beat Costco pumpkin pies but Costco blueberry muffins are far superior than Sam’s Club blueberry muffins.  Why can’t all my favorites come from one place?


My deadline for getting my NV driver license is coming fast.  Don’t ask why I don’t have one yet.  To make things even more fun I have to get a new Social Security card since mine was stolen along with my wallet in June.  So I have to get that before I can get my license. 


The whole Boy Scout program totally mystifies me.  I know the Personal Progress program backward and forward, too bad Kyle had that darn Y chromosome thingy that made him ineligible for the Personal Progress program.


10 20 09_2173I’ve been putting together a breast cancer awareness meeting for church.  I’ve been working on it for about a month.  We found out a week ago that Ronnie’s mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At first they thought she had leukemia.  Then they came back after some tests and said it looks like breast cancer that has spread to a bone.  We also had a women in our Ward that was diagnosed a week or two ago.  Coincidence?  I think not.  



I am so loving the .39 cent tacos from Taco Bell.  They taste even better when they are that cheap. 


image                                                                                                                           The Clinique’s free gift from Macy’s this year is very cute!  It could double as a teacher gift if I were a nice person and saved it for someone else.  I’m not, I opened up my stuff as soon as I got in the car and played with the new colors.   I really love the lipstick color. 




My most played song on my iPod right now is In The Meantime by Spacehog.  It’s best when played loud without any kids in the car so they can’t make fun of you when you are signing.  Spacehog always reminded me of David Bowie.  Take a listen if you want:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My New Fav

Each Fall we are inundated with new TV shows to hit the airwaves.  And I have a new favorite.  I haven’t even seen a commercial for it because life has taken over and I haven’t had time to watch TV very much.  But I did see this picture on hulu and it caught my eye.

imageSo Ronnie and I watched it.  Then we watched two more episodes that same night and it was going on 1:30am.  We were laughing so hard we woke Kyle up, but I doubt he was really asleep, probably up late reading.  We got caught up on all the episodes that night and had a wait week to see the next.  I was not even prepared for the next episode!  It was the best one yet.  It started out with this clip:

Then ended with this one:

So far my favorite episode.  It comes on Wednesday at 9pm, usually before Kyle’s in bed.  But thanks to hulu we can watch it when we want to, after the kids are in bed.  Not a show I would watch with the whole family.

Ronnie has hooked one of our computers up to the TV in the effort to rid ourselves of cable.  It seems to be working for us.  We get to pick what comes on our TV and when for free.  We also use Netflix watch instantly and a few other internet sites that have full episodes to TV shows.  He has even downloaded an iPhone and iPod app that turned them into a mouse for the computer.  So it’s like our remote control for the computer. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Few Sweet Things

I kind of have this thing for candy corn decorations, can you tell?

I really can’t stand the taste of candy corns but they sure are cute to look at.  Speaking of cute take a look at these two:

10 15 09_2157

One blogger called them literary luminaries, but I call them CUTE.  I just made these tonight and they weren’t hard at all.  I saw them here and had to make some right away.  They are old novels just folded.  I actually made one of them while making dinner.  Well I’m not Supermom, it was Hamburger Helper so I just watched it and made sure it didn’t bubble over as I folded page after page.  Hey no judging here, there were crafts waiting to be made!  I haven’t named them yet but I’m thinking the more shapely one is a girl and the other a boy.  Jack and Jill is just too predictable…hmm.  Maybe Emerson and Christie.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pennsylvania Part Deuce

Catching up again…

Ronnie and I had a great time in Altoona, PA.  I learned two things about people there, one – you can’t live there is you’re not a sports fanatic.  You have to own a Steelers shirt if you are going to live in Pennsylvania.  On our airplane ride home the captain updated us 4 times with the football score because the Steelers were playing.  They put a Steelers logo on anything that will stand still.


09 27 09_2121 

Normal everyday products for sale have the logo

image image They make their pizzas Steelers Pizza              I’m sure he made his mama proud with this

Second – They are big fans of putting faces on things you eat. There’s a restaurant called Kings and they are home of the Frownie.   I introduce to you the Frownie.

imageIf you buy a pack to go it’s called a pity party.


Then they even have a dessert competition called the Angry Mob


Then there’s the happier side, a restaurant called Eat ‘n Park has smiles everywhere. 

imageSmiley Cookies

09 26 09_2130

image Smiley Waffles

They even try arrange the food you order into a smile when possible.  It did make me giggle, so I guess smiles are contagious. 

It’s not surprising that the Frownie originated near Pittsburgh, home of Carnegie Mellon University. Carnegie Mellon, if you didn’t know, is the birthplace of the emoticon, thanks to Scott Fahlman, who started the whole sideways smiling business more than 25 years ago on the University’s Computer Science community b(ulliten)-board. He invented the frowning emoticon, too. In the same message, no less.

There reason why we went there…

To see these two get married…

and start their life together.