Monday, August 10, 2009

Kyle’s 12th Birthday Party

I thought this might be Kyle’s last themed party so I had to do it up right.  He loves cooking and thinks he will open his own restaurant some day so I used that as my theme.  His invitations where printed on manly recipe cards. 


We had been recording episodes of Good Eats on our DVR for about a week.  Our plan was to have that playing on TV while all the boys were coming in, but some how Rock Band took over.  Go figure, a TV, boys, and a video game, silly me, what was I thinking.

08 08 09_1356

Once everyone arrived the boys were asked to put on some aprons and make some lasagnas for lunch. 

08 07 09_1261

08 07 09_1269

While the lasagnas were baking they went outside and played cold potato, with ice cold water balloons.

08 07 09_1270

In case the ice cold water balloons weren’t enough refreshment the boys came inside and did a root beer tasting. 

08 08 09_1386

08 08 09_1191

They knew their root beers!  I was impressed.  The favorites were IBC and Mug.  Then they made some fruit kabobs before sitting down to eat.

08 08 09_1390

After lunch we brought out the bugs.

08 08 09_1207

Followed up by the stinky cheese.

08 08 09_1199

08 08 09_1208 08 08 09_1211

08 08 09_1209 08 08 09_1210

I was really surprised by how many folks tried insects and how many thought the stinky cheese tasted good.  We also had some nasty tasting jelly beans like from Harry Potter, but I didn’t get good pictures of that, see the video.  As to not leave a bad taste in their mouths, we saved the best for last.

08 07 09_1257

08 08 09_1217

08 08 09_1219

08 08 09_1216

Then it was back to Rock Band

08 08 09_1221

And who could forget presents

08 08 09_1235

Can you tell his Grandparents did good?

08 08 09_1222 08 08 09_1225 08 08 09_1228 08 08 09_1226 08 08 09_1236 08 08 09_1224

Perhaps the biggest surprise was his cousin from Logan showing up

08 08 09_1231 As a parting gift, Kyle made some brownie mix for his friends to take home.

08 09 09_1568 

I don’t know about them, but I had a blast.  I’m so glad Kyle has such a good group of friends and they were able to come celebrate with us.  I’ve put together a little video or the craziness that was the party…enjoy.


Smart Helm said...

That really looks like they had fun. I don't know that I would have, but its all about them, not me!

I'm way impressed with ur preperation. What an awesome party for a bunch of boys :-)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I suppose it was good for you to have something to spend all your time on since you didn't have camp this year.

Good job. Are the hamburgers and fries really a desert?

Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday to Kyle!!!
Flor (

Eliza said...

Isaac had a great time! Your party ideas are amazing. What fun!!