Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I’ve been up to…

The first weekend after school started I had a baby shower at my house for my sister Sadie.

09 15 09_1798

I was wondering around Michael’s Craft Store one day and came across a party in a box that was monkey themed and on clearance.   So it didn’t take me long to figure out a theme for the shower. 

08 29 09_1801

We had Banana Slush Punch, Banana Pudding, Chocolate Monkey Munch (trail mix), and everyone took home some banana bread.  We also had some non monkey related food.  


Then I was released from my calling in Young Women’s at church and called to Enrichment Leader a few weeks before a quarterly enrichment night.  Which I was going to be out of town for.  I still needed to help out with a few things before I left and also get things planned for the next 3 months.

Then I signed up to be room mom for Lana’s class at school.  I help run a student store at school 3 days a week for a few hours at a time and figured room mom would be easy since I was already going to be there.  Boy was I wrong!  I needed to get everything organized for a family picnic, that was wasn’t even going to be there for, before I went out of town.  Talk about a major headache! 

We celebrated Ronnie’s birthday on the 10th, then my sister Lacey’s birthday on the 20th, and then Lana’s birthday on the 22nd. 

09 09 09_1723Ronnie’s birthday was easy, it was the day after Beatles RockBand came out.  So that was a no brainer!


My Sister Lacey turned 23!

image Lana turned 6 and had a Flower birthday party. 

09 21 09_1728 

I wrangled my Dad and Ronnie into making a golf game for the school carnival that was supposed to be in Oct. but I think it got moved to Nov.  Well I guess we are ahead of schedule now. 

09 21 09_2027

09 21 09_1724

Now I’m in Altoona PA for a friend’s, Jerry’s, wedding.   Don’t even get me started on the roads here!  We totally got lost and ended up taking 4 hours to get to our hotel that should have only took 2 hours to get to.  Plus we didn’t get a toll ticket at one of the toll road booths and they charged us $26 for a .95 cent toll!  And to top it off they don’t take debit cards at the toll booths!  Luckily a guy that was in a hurry came up and helped us pay our $26 fee for not getting a ticket since we hardly carry any cash.  It’s nice to know there are still kind people out there!   On the up side we had beautiful scenery to enjoy while we were lost.

09 23 09_2015 09 23 09_2014

For those back in Vegas, those would be leaves changing on trees.  It really happens!

And that is my month in review for the most part.  I left out some other major things because I might get around to blogging about them more in depth one day.


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

All I can say is OH MYLANTA! Good luck with the wedding, hope things take a turn for the better. The roads that is.

Eliza said...

WOW! What a month. I hope you're able to enjoy the scenery a little!

I left you a message about having your pomegranates, but now I know why you didn't call back! Are you going to do anything with them when you get back? Can I pick them?

Enjoy your time away. :)

Smart Helm said...

Quite the busy month. As always, impressed with ur crafty abilities along the birthday party lines.

I need to go somewhere I can see fall colors. I'm so ready for things to cool off!