Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Happenings

Kyle and Lana’s last day of school was Thursday since Nevada Day is Nov. 30th (Friday).  So the Halloween parties were held that day.  Middle School kids kind of get a bum deal, they get to carve pumpkins at home then bring them in for the pumpkin carving contest and if they are lucky some parents bring in snack for them to eat.  Lana’s grade had an all out party.  With me being room-mom had to plan and organize said party.  They first had to get dressed in their costume for the Halloween Parade.  Lana was a mermaid…yes people use your imagination. 

10 29 09_2206 10 29 09_2210

She is a very reverent child, so much so she even folded her arms during the parade.  NOT!  It was windy and cold that day.  Then they played some games and made some crafts and ate some snacks. 

10 29 09_2221 10 29 09_2219

10 29 09_2247 10 29 09_2250

Then the glorious bell rang that ended the day.

Then wicked wind had blown all the cold air away and we woke up to a beautiful day.  Ronnie was off work, the kids were out of school, so we stayed in our PJs until noon.  Then we went to a corn maze in Glendale.  I heard that you had to pay $10 per person, but when we got there they said you can just walk through it for free.  It was kind of lame, I would have been mad if we paid $40 for this. 

Lana was our leader so we would not get lost and Kyle found a friend:

10 30 09_223610 30 09_2235 

Then we found Ron’s car from Harry Potter, we almost lost Lana to the spider:

10 30 09_2240 10 30 09_2239

Then we went home with our dusty dirty shoes.

The next day was Halloween.  We went to the ward Trunk or Treat.  Kyle was a hobbit and we tried to make Lana’s costume look more mermaidy, but it just wasn’t happening. 

10 31 09_2196 10 31 09_2198

Our trunk was decorated and we were parked next to the cutest “chicken rider” I have ever seen!

10 31 09_2200 10 31 09_2199

The kids came home with loads of candy, but sadly hardly any chocolate.  Jerry, I know you’ll be disappointed to hear that there wasn’t a good pile / bad pile this year.  Only once did I hear, mom my tummy hurts, so all in all it was a great Halloween.


Smart Helm said...

Happy Halloween! Next year I'm going to park by u. I thought Lana's outfit was very cute... even after I knew what it was :-)

Eliza said...

I totally knew she was a mermaid. VERY cute!

Way to go room mom! All those kids and all that sugar, no wonder you were glad for that bell.

The corn maze looks fun. Did the spider scare you?

Great trunk!! I'm glad you had a happy halloween, even if it wasn't filled with chocolate.