Monday, March 15, 2010

I am Persistent if Nothing Else

So Today I was totally free.  No grocery shopping to do, no helping at the kids school, no laundry, no cooking to be done, no driving anyone to anywhere, totally free.  So I had two things I was thinking about doing, getting my eyebrows threaded or making a baby gift for a baby shower. 

I want to get my eyebrows threaded and need to also but for some reason I keep putting it off. 


So today I ended up making a baby blanket.  As always something goes wrong every time I get behind the sewing machine and today was no different.  One of these days I’m gonna learn that there are some things I just can’t do well, but until then I will keep sharing my sewing mishaps with you. 

So I get the blanket all trimmed up and thread my sewing machine and load up the bobbin with matching thread and place the blanket on the machine.  I start to sew and then this happened:

03 15 10_2636  That’s my sewing machine needle, broke into two pieces.  I’m so special when it come to sewing, you just have to believe me.  So I figured out that my bobbin was too full.  Who knew it could be too full?  Luckily I had extra needles so I didn’t have to run to the store. 

I decided to make my baby blanket have rounded corner because it was something new for me.  I  left the opening on the corner because I didn’t know what I was doing.  Then after I pulled it right side out and was ironing it I realized I did not want the opening on the corner because it would be too hard to topstitch and make it look pretty.  So then I flipped it wrong side out again and sewed the corner and left a teeny tiny baby hole for me to turn it right side out through.  After pinching and pulling I finally was able to get it turned right side out and finish it. 

03 15 10_2637 

End result:  A finished baby blanket that passed the “can I give this as a gift” test. 

Sewing is just one of many things on my “I need to get better at this list”.  One other thing I need to get better at is bread baking.  So every Sunday is bread baking day.  Here are a few breads I’ve been baking:

03 07 10_2650

03 07 10_2651  03 07 10_2652

Well, I’ve baked for 4 Sundays now but I guess I only took pictures on the Sunday when Ronnie was working so I could email him and he could see what he was missing.  I’m a nice wife like that.  The above pictured are cinnamon and dinner rolls made with potato pearls.  I’ve made whole wheat butter horns twice and last Sunday were plain white rolls shaped like knots.  I like the rolls so far because they actually rise.  Unlike my many loaves of wheat bread I have tried in the past. 

Maybe my next “free” day will be the day I finally get my eyebrows threaded. 


Anonymous said...

A little hint, sew on a piece of fabric before you put the one you're going to do the actual sewing on!! Saves a lot of ripping, both hair and material!!! You're my hero!!

Elizabeth said...

Hey...I've done some rounded corner things and can show you a way cool way to do them. Just let me know the next time you do a blanket. Hope this isn't for Erin because she's getting one from me too...but you can never have enough!

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