Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Family Photos

My brother and his wife came down from Logan for a visit and my mom says, “What a perfect time to get some family photos”. She was right we were in need of new family photos. Ronnie and I had not had new family photos since Lana was born. And the most current family photo my mom had of everyone had an ex wife in it. Needless to say there are no family photos hanging on the walls anywhere. After dinner one night we went to Sears to set up an appointment. The last family picture everyone had on white shirts, but this time we all wanted something different. While we were at Sears we thought we should find coordinating shirts for everyone. So each family chose a different color and we all made sure the colors went together. My parents picked theirs first. Then I let Jason (my bother) pick next, I thought it might be hard to find a men’s shirt and a maternity shirt that matched. Ronnie found a shirt he liked and I found one that matched, but I couldn’t find a shirt for the kids there that matched. Then next day I went to Target and found the kids some matching shirts and that evening was our appointment. We did the big group shot first. It took so long to get a good one and by good I mean everyone’s eyes open and not talking. It didn’t even matter if everyone was smiling just as long as they were looking at the camera and their mouths were not open in mid sentence. Then everyone let my family go first since the kids were getting tired of taking pictures. All was going well until Lana and Kyle were to take a picture together. For some reason Lana would hit Kyle every time he touched her, even if the photographer asked him to put his arm around her. Finally we decided for Kyle’s safety that they should pose back to back. At this point there was no posing Lana, so we ended up with a not so great picture of the two of them. After my family was finished the rest of the groups went by fast. I was really surprised by the results; the pictures came out so good!

Family Photos

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Patricia said...

very cute shawna. I am so jealous. I need to get out my gun and force my crew to the photographers. We haven't had a picture for at least 4 years either. thanks for sharing.