Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lana's Birthday

Well Lana is 4, we wondered at times if she would make it. Sometimes it seemed as though she had a death wish, but somehow we have managed to keep her alive probably with a lot of help from above. This year in between all the scrapes and bruises she has lost a finger nail because her finger was slammed in Kyle’s door. She almost lost an eye from the swinging chair. She cracked her head on the floor while we were eating dinner at Fazoil’s, which was dubbed the thud heard ‘round the world. Then she split her head open because she was jumping on our bed and fell backward into the nightstand. Not to mention the near misses that I was able to prevent like the locking herself in the dryer…no it wasn’t on. The grabbing of a light candle, luckily I was able to catch it when she realized it was hot. The many times she climbed the kitchen cabinets and almost jumped onto the tile floor. And so on and so on… Every birthday that this child has we will pat ourselves on the back and congratulate each other for helping her survive one more year.

With all that said you might think that Lana’s birthdays would be a huge production, but they aren’t. We like to keep birthday’s pretty low key until they reach the age of eight. Lana’s little party was just family. I thought polka dots would be fun to decorate with and I convinced Lana that it’s what kind of party she wanted. It was such a fun theme I think we will be duplicating it in the future. Weeks before the party I bought some polka dot plates and napkins. Ronnie asked a bakery guy at Sam’s to make a polka dot cake. The day before the party I gathered up everything else polka dotty for the party like, favor bags, wrapping paper, gumballs, ribbon, stuff to make polka dot necklaces, and I even found polka dot packing tape. We ended up using to tape to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the wall. The kids made a polka dot table cloth by gluing on paper circles. I put the plates and napkins up out of Lana’s reach somewhere and couldn’t find them for the party; I still to this day have not found them. Lana was really into her birthday this year. All day long she was telling everyone that it was her birthday. She really enjoyed her party; she loved popping bubble wrap and making necklaces. Of course the best part was opening the presents and playing with them.

Lana's Party


Pat said...

Wow Shauna, How fun! Now can you print this out and have your scrapbooking done? Or did you somehow manage to scan in the pages you already made? Very cool. I am impressed.

CresceNet said...
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Lutopia said...

Yes, I can print it out and have a little scrapbook, but my printer doesn't print very well right now...I'll have to work on that.