Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gingerbread Houses

Last night the family got together to make gingerbread houses. We had five different gingerbread kits, but we only ended up making four of them. We started out the night with pizza which was great because we needed the cardboard boxes to put the house on. It worked out so perfectly, but I can't take credit for that. I didn't have that much forethought in this event; I just didn't want to cook dinner. The mixer was whirling busily making icing, when I heard an odd noise. My whisk attachment didn’t make it through the night. Fortunately it decided to break on the last batch. We all decorated to our hearts content and the kids had a few snack along the way.

Last year during our gingerbread house decoration the kids decided to decorate themselves. Same thing happened again this year, so I guess we now have a new tradition. Next year I think everyone should wear Rudolph noses while we decorate.

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Pat said...

Very, very cute. Darn now diana just looked at it and asked when is she making a house. it was looking like I might sneak it past her this year. curses foiled again. someday I have got to get that smilebox thing to work for me.