Saturday, December 22, 2007's Practically Here!

This year has been the first year I have ever heard Ronnie say "I'm actually in the Christmas Spirit this year". He's not Scrooge, he doesn't hate Christmas like the Grinch, he just always so busy at work and feels like he should be doing more with the family. This year he has had time to breathe and enjoy some of the holiday festivities. He dressed up as Santa for a few hours at work one day and really enjoyed it. He was sweating like it was in the middle of July in the Santa suit but all in all he had fun. He was a bit scared when the first 5 kids that sat on his lap all screamed in terror. Then things picked up and he even had a Santa stalker, one little boy came back at least 5 times to shake his hand or peep around the corner at him. When I brought our kids to see him Lana ran right up to him and proceeded to climb up on his lap even though there was someone already on it. She really did not like sharing her Daddy.
Ronnie helped me get our Christmas cards out. And he admitted he liked the fact that I take the time to make them all by hand, even though he used to complain about it. This year the cards were probably the most time consuming ones yet. I first made a 12x12 scrapbook page, then did some work in Photoshop, then cut out letters, then it seemed something was missing so we added the date on the inside. The part that sucked up the most time was gluing on the letters. Now I need some ideas for next year, anyone have any neat ideas?

Last night we finished up the gift baskets. Ronnie was right, we should have just bought gift cards. We made 6 baskets full of our favorite things. When I say we, I mean we, Ronnie helped with everything except with the chocolate covered Oreos, I thought he would eat them as fast as we could make them, they are his favorite. I guess I'm glad I made the baskets this year because it made me bake more. I haven't really baked much this year. I've only made two batched of cookies so far and that was only because I had to bake some for Young Women's and there I got an idea for some cookies for Lana's preschool. They are on the letter M and these mice cookies were just perfect. (thanks Tori)

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Pat said...

You are way ahead of me in the baking department. I don't think my family appreciates it all. Instead of doing a lot of christmas stuff like shopping and baking, I spend my time on my blog. My house is a mess, no goodies, and some things still need buying--but hey I think my blog is pretty awesome. :) PS I loved your card and am in awe that you can do all that you do.