Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

Well last Friday Kyle was out of school because of parent teacher conferences. Ronnie has always been able to go with me to these conferences but he wasn’t able to make it this time. The conference lasted less than 5 mins. I am so lucky to have Kyle for a son. He truly enjoys school and is not a problem child. Don’t get me wrong, he has had a few issues, like talking at inappropriate times and forgetting to turn in homework and from the 1st grade until the 5th grade his teachers have allowed him to stand at his desk to help him work out his excess energy, but I’ve never been called in for mean behavior and for that I am grateful. This year he has been sitting in class and I think that might be because he has 3 times a day where he can go outside and play for 5 to 15 mins. Just a little side note here… everyone seems so concerned with childhood obesity these days and the schools seem to take away more and more outside play time…hmm interesting. So anyway while I was in the conference Lana and Kyle played outside together. Lana wasn’t expecting it to be so short so I let her play for a little while longer. Afterwards we went out to lunch and the kid’s behavior was top notch. I was able to have conversations with both of them instead of correcting behavior all during lunch. I got so much insight out of that 20 minute lunch. I learned that Kyle didn’t know that “your momma jokes” aren’t really about his momma. The poor kid was getting so upset at the boys in class cracking these jokes because he thought they were really talking about his momma. I learned that Kyle is not willing to be mean to other kids to gain popularity. I learned that Lana really does like to go to preschool even though she gives me a hard time EVERY time I drop her off. I learned that Kyle is now good friends with the boy that tricked him into cutting a chunk out of his hair right before picture day (see if you can find the missing chunk from the picture above...Hint, front and center). I learned that Lana has one volume when saying the Pledge of Allegiance…LOUD. But the most revealing thing I learned was that my kids can really get along for 20 whole minutes without yelling or screaming and that gives me hope for the future. Hip Hip Hooray for a great day!

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