Thursday, January 3, 2008

Christmas Morning

Well Christmas has come and gone and I still haven’t posted anything about Christmas morning. Sorry I’ve just been relaxing too much. Christmas and relax in the same sentence? Yeah, Christmas was very relaxing this year, I didn’t stress over the little things, and I tried with all my might to wake up each morning and think about what this season is truly about. To quote The Grinch “it came without the ribbons the wrappings, the trimmings the trappings…Christmas…maybe means something more.” Well of course we had the ribbons and wrapping and trimmings, but just not to the extent we usually go though. And not everyday did I seem as relaxed as I’d wished. The Sunday before Christmas I decided that I absolutely had to go and exchange a gift I had bought for something else. Yes I know the Lord only asks that we take one day out of our week for him and I was reminded of that as I was walking out of the store talking on my cell phone and tripped and hurt my ankle. Got to love the timing…yes lesson learned.

This year I realized that it’s really hard to buy a gift for a child that has everything. I’m really thinking that next year Santa will leave something a little different like music lessons or ballet lessons or something along those lines. I’ll have to use my Mom Card and put in a special request.

Christmas Morning was early this year. Kyle had asked Ronnie if he could set his alarm and Ronnie said yes. So at 5:00AM Kyle is up and bugging us to get up. Why, I asked Ronnie, why did you say yes? So we rolled out of bed, one of us very reluctantly and headed down the hall. All the hours of wrapping packages were undone in a few minutes. Then the fun part, undoing all the little twists ties and plastic bands that secure all the toys to the packaging. Kyle has moved on to the easier things like video games that you just unwrap and play with, but Lana’s toys are packaged so well, they could take a trip down the Grand Canyon and still be perfectly positioned. I think things should be packaged based on their value; a $2.50 My Little Pony should not have the same security as Fort Knox. After all the mayhem was unleashed I went back to bed. Then my wonderful husband cooked breakfast, the best present of all.

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