Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School



Here’s Kyle and Lana before we left home today. Kyle has really gotten tall!


I had to go undercover as the momarazzi (paparazzi) Kyle is getting to be too old for first day of school pictures actually at school. Kyle had a rough start to school this year. I got him to school 10 minuets early and that wasn’t early enough. The table with all his guy friends was full and he had to sit at a table with mostly girls. I have a feeling his teacher will be changing this. Then he went to put his lock on one of the lockers and the middle row was all taken. The top row is too high for him and the bottom row is on the ground and he would have to get on his knees to get to it. Some of the lockers in the middle didn’t have locks on them but had a sticky note that said reserved for Sara or someone. I couldn’t let Kyle’s school year start off bad so I secretly grabbed one of the sticky notes and put it in my pocket and told Kyle that I found him a locker. I hope he doesn’t have to pay for my actions. I didn’t feel too bad, I figured first come first served only applies to locks not sticky notes.


Lana was so excited for school! We got there a little bit early so she could play on the kindergarten playground.


Lana was ready for me to leave, can’t you tell by her face.


Lana inherited her picture taking skills from her mom unfortunately. Here is Lana this afternoon when I picked her up with her teacher, I was glad to see they both survived the day.

I forgot to mention that Kyle got up for school today before 6:00am. He didn’t have to get up until 7:00am. He was dressed, packed, and ready to go when I finally rolled out of bed at 6:30. After dropping both kids off at school I had some running around to do. While I was out and about it dawned on my that I never saw Kyle pack a lunch, so I grabbed a few things and headed home to get his lunch box and pack it and take it to him. To my surprise I couldn’t find his lunch box, so I’m assuming he packed it and took it. How grown up!

(All the above was an email I sent to a few people Monday, August 25th around 1:30 pm)

For those that don't know, Kyle is in 6th grade and Lana is in Kindergarten this year.

Later that day it rained. Lana was so excited she ran to put her swimsuit. Here is a short video of her running in the rain.

Kyle was dropped off by a friend we are carpooling with around 3:30pm. I (in a round about way, as not to be suspicious) asked him if everything was ok with his locker. He said he could open his locker just fine (as if that were what I was asking). He also said that his locker is right in between two girls that always hung around him last year. I think I set my son up with his locker pretty well if I do say so myself.

Take another look at the picture of Kyle at school with a lot of other kids. See the tall, long blond haired girl in a yellow shirt? I think she is the unidentified hugger from last year. Last year when I would drop Kyle off I would wait a few minutes to see who he would play with. Quite a few times this girl would give Kyle a hug. I of course asked him about her much to no avail. He would always say, I don't know her she is in the 6th or 7th grade. It seems the mysterious hugger has found Kyle again this year. I will have to investigate this matter further this year. I can get all stealthy and really get into my momarazzi mode.

It turns out Kyle did pack his lunch and remembered it on his first back to school, I'm so impressed!

Turned out both kids had a great first day of school. I may be feeling like a taxi this year with both kids in different schools getting out at different times, so if I decided to paint my vehicle bright yellow with a checker pattern you'll know why.

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Smart Helm said...

Not that I am reading blogs at work (shocker), but I just wanted to say thanks so much for leaving the note on my blog! And your kids shore r cute. I love the picture of them together ready for school. AND.. u are such a nice mother. If we forgot our lunch.. tough luck. Keep up the good work!