Friday, March 27, 2009

Am I Irish?



I’m a little late getting around to my St. Patrick’s Day post, better late than never, I guess. 

See this man pictured above?  This is my father in 1972.  I am told by my mom that these clothes were really in style.  She said that my dad was quite the dresser back in the day.  Unfortunately, all that fashion sense was lost on me,  thank goodness style is not hereditary.  One thing I did inherit was his red hair, green eyes, and freckles.  All three of which we seem to think are Irish traits.  But a quick Google search and I discover that some of those traits are not Irish after all.  Only 10% of Irish people have red hair.  Most Irish people have blue eyes, 42%.  As for the freckles however, 40% of Irish folks have them. 

We have worked on our family tree, trying to see if we have Irish heritage in our past, but it’s difficult.  You see my father was adopted when he was an infant and considers the parents that raised him to be his parents.  Our family tree is full of all the people we consider family but none of them have my dad’s genes.  So we can only guess where his physical traits came from. 

Some other things to consider are:

  • He has an uncanny love of potatoes
  • A weird fascination with plaid
  • He gobbles up any and all green vegetables including cabbage
  • He really knew how to pinch pennies, but now that he is older he like to spend his pot of gold


Are you thinking what I’m thinking…





Forget being Irish I think my dad is a leprechaun!


Anonymous said...

You might be onto something, he does have a strange accent and I found a strange pot in the closet! He also does this little jig now and again!!

Smart Helm said...

Awesome photo shopping abilities!

I love the stripes and plaid.

Eliza said...

I'm laughing soooo much right now!

LOVE the pictures!

I think that you might be right...

Anonymous said...

Does that mean you're a leprechauness??!