Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Did You Get Fooled?

This year Lana actually “got” what April Fool’s Day was all about.  All the way home she kept saying look at that donkey out the window…April Fool’s, I have a bug on my nose…April Fool’s, There is a cow on the road…April Fool’s.  I’ll spare you the whole ride home and just leave you with the first 2 minutes after we picked her up from school.  Kyle was not into April Fool’s Day this year.  he didn’t come up with any pranks for us or at school, which I’m kind of glad about.  The older they get the smarter they get, you know what I mean. 

This year I made the meatloaf cupcakes I thought about making last year.  I told Lana that for April Fool’s Day we were going to have dessert first to play a trick on Kyle.  She was so excited.  After both kids were home from school Ronnie took them to the park to I could prepare dinner.  I made meatloaf and baked it in cupcake wrappers.  Then I made mashed potatoes and colored them different colors with food coloring.  I iced the meatloaf cakes with the colored mashed potatoes and then moved on to dessert.

04 01 09_0520

I made chicken not pie which my friend Elizabeth had told me about last year.  It’s a bit more complicated to explain, just go to the link above if you want to know more.

04 01 09_0521

So the kids reactions?  Well Lana was very excited to eat cupcakes before dinner so excited she was jumping around while Kyle was tasting some of the frosting with his finger.  I think he was on to me and decided to examine his cupcake further.

04 01 09_0523

He clued Lana in after he figured it out and Lana was not happy at all…

04 01 09_0524

After our cupcake dinner I brought out the potpies but it was no surprise to them that they were actually dessert.

04 01 09_0521   04 01 09_0522

The potpie made Lana’s smile come back

04 01 09_0529

And we all say goodbye to April Fool’s Day with a smile on our faces.


Smart Helm said...

Wow.. that sure looks like alot of work for a prank! I'm impressed.

I'm always too lazy to impliment my ideas..

And that picture of Lana is priceless.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Very impressive. It looked so real too. I agree with Melanie, priceless picture.

RMason said...

Very, very clever. Did you make this April Fool's meal while wearing your,"She's Crafty" T shirt? You sure should have.

Hope all is well in Vegas!