Sunday, October 18, 2009

My New Fav

Each Fall we are inundated with new TV shows to hit the airwaves.  And I have a new favorite.  I haven’t even seen a commercial for it because life has taken over and I haven’t had time to watch TV very much.  But I did see this picture on hulu and it caught my eye.

imageSo Ronnie and I watched it.  Then we watched two more episodes that same night and it was going on 1:30am.  We were laughing so hard we woke Kyle up, but I doubt he was really asleep, probably up late reading.  We got caught up on all the episodes that night and had a wait week to see the next.  I was not even prepared for the next episode!  It was the best one yet.  It started out with this clip:

Then ended with this one:

So far my favorite episode.  It comes on Wednesday at 9pm, usually before Kyle’s in bed.  But thanks to hulu we can watch it when we want to, after the kids are in bed.  Not a show I would watch with the whole family.

Ronnie has hooked one of our computers up to the TV in the effort to rid ourselves of cable.  It seems to be working for us.  We get to pick what comes on our TV and when for free.  We also use Netflix watch instantly and a few other internet sites that have full episodes to TV shows.  He has even downloaded an iPhone and iPod app that turned them into a mouse for the computer.  So it’s like our remote control for the computer. 


Eliza said...

Russ and I watched it last week for the first time. We loved it! After watching your clip, I think we need to go watch the older episodes. So funny!

sara said...

Eliza told me it was pretty good, and after seeing those clips I think I'm going to have to watch tomorrow.