Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Few Sweet Things

I kind of have this thing for candy corn decorations, can you tell?

I really can’t stand the taste of candy corns but they sure are cute to look at.  Speaking of cute take a look at these two:

10 15 09_2157

One blogger called them literary luminaries, but I call them CUTE.  I just made these tonight and they weren’t hard at all.  I saw them here and had to make some right away.  They are old novels just folded.  I actually made one of them while making dinner.  Well I’m not Supermom, it was Hamburger Helper so I just watched it and made sure it didn’t bubble over as I folded page after page.  Hey no judging here, there were crafts waiting to be made!  I haven’t named them yet but I’m thinking the more shapely one is a girl and the other a boy.  Jack and Jill is just too predictable…hmm.  Maybe Emerson and Christie.

1 comment:

Smart Helm said...

I'm impressed. I still haven't even gotten my decorations OUT.

Those really are darling.