Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Living in Vegas I got to hear all about the 07-07-2007 hoopla. I must say I thought it was all pretty stupid. I couldn’t figure out why people felt compelled to get married on that day over any other. I think if you found someone you want to marry then everyday of the rest of your life will be “lucky”. Then I started thinking about my upcoming anniversary. It just so happens that we have our own little 777 thing going on. We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on 07-31-2007. We had been thinking about taking a family vacation somewhere during August, but we hadn’t made any plans for certain. Then Ronnie and I started to figure out what we wanted to do. We thought wouldn’t it be nice to go away, just the two of us. So, we checked it over with my mom and everything was set into action. Then the next thing was where are we going to go? We had so many options without having to worry about Lana’s naps and kid friendly restaurants and so forth. We didn’t decide where we were going until the day before we left. We are not really the planning type we just go and figure things out when we get there. We decided to go to Monterey, it’s a nice break from the heat since the highs there are in the low 60. The next morning we headed out and we made it to Tehachapi ,CA for lunch. They had the cutest little place called the Apple Shed where we stopped for lunch. They were famous for their apple pies, but their little turkey pot pies were the cutest thing, I had Ronnie take a picture of mine with his phone. We got to Monterey safe and sound, and I learned a few things about my husband I hadn’t realized during the drive. Like how much he resembled a chicken. Yes, I said chicken. I was driving and he was in the seat next to me falling asleep. He had his hat off which made is hair stand straight up in the middle kind of like a Mohawk. Then his lips were kind of pouty looking like a beak. And of course he had the nod going on so in all he looked like a chicken pecking at something. How I wanted so bad to get a picture of it for you all to see, but taking photos while driving is too complicated for me. So back to Monterey, one day we went whale watching and we actually saw a couple of humpback whales. I think the ride out to the whales was more exciting than actually seeing the whales; it was like an hour long roller coaster ride. Although not everyone like the choppy ride, the back of the boat was full of sea sick travelers. We had a biologist on board telling us interesting facts about some of the birds and dolphins we also got to see. The most humorous part of the whole trip came at the end when we were getting ready to turn back and go back to shore Ronnie’s cell phone rings. It was just so odd that we had to laugh.
One night we went to the Hogs Breath Inn, it used to be owned by Clint Eastwood, but I don’t think he has much to do with it anymore. I had to get the Dirty Harry Dinner because it was the only thing on the menu that had any Clint Eastwood references. It was quite a cozy little place with fireplaces in almost every corner and low ceilings. I think there were only 10 tables in the whole place. They had a gorgeous outdoor seating area also, but they only served drinks and appetizers out there.
On our last day there we ended up at the aquarium. They have quite a nice aquarium there. I just love their jellyfish exhibit; they seem to have the lighting down perfect so you can see every detail.
When we were on our way home to Vegas we stopped at a fruit stand and got some of the best grapes I have ever eaten. They were so sweet, but it was really kind of bitter sweet since I can’t find any grapes that compare to them here. Grapes just don’t taste as good as they once did. It was a wonderful trip, even though half the time we kept thinking we were forgetting something…the kids. It was weird to get into a car and not have to buckle up Lana and when we got out half the time I still opened the back door out of habit to let Lana out.

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