Saturday, August 4, 2007

Practically a Teenager

Well when we got back from CA, Ronnie’s parents had flown in the day before and relieved my parents of the kids. So they were staying at our house with Lana and Kyle. They came out for Kyle’s big number 10. Or as Kyle likes to say “I’m practically a teenager”. I had been thinking about what to do for his birthday for quite some time. I had planned to do his birthday at an indoor rock climbing place, yes I said I, and Kyle had no input in the matter…lol. I figured this could be his birthday party and present all wrapped up into one thing and the best part is it’s nothing he could bring home to clutter up his room with. I swear I am so tired of stepping on legos…when do they out grow those evil little toys anyway?? For months now I had thought about what to put into the little party favor bags. I was going with the rock theme, so I thought pop rocks, rock candy, those rocks you break apart (geodes), and anything to do with rock climbing. But of course I hadn’t actually bought anything that would be called planning ahead. The next few days I was running around here and there trying to find everything for the favor bags and ordering the cupcakes and so on and so on. I always start out saying I’m just going to keep things simple and then at the last minute decided to do something more time consuming. Hence the cupcakes…I said I’m just going to get plain old birthday cupcakes and then at the last minute decided I wanted cupcakes that looked somewhat like a rock and then I could make a cutout of Kyle to stick on them and it would look like rock climbing or standing on top of a rock. So the search is on for cupcakes that look rock like. Then we come across these Over the Hedge cupcakes, they have chocolate icing with green grass like icing on top, so they will work, I think. Now comes the fun part, making the Kyle cutouts to go on top. I have these paper doll stamp things so I use them to cut out some clothes, then I look though picture to find the one with the right size head of Kyle then, glue those together and stamp on some arms and feet…woohoo Kyle is done dude. Scan it and then send a file to Sam’s to make copies then all I have to do is cut them, put a toothpick on them, and put them on the cupcakes. They didn’t really look like what I was going for but oh well. Kyle could care less what his cupcakes looked like or what was in the goody bags, I know this and yet I still drive myself crazy over it. Kyle and his friends had a great time climbing. They were all much more daring than I think I would have been at their age. It was a great little party and we had a great group of boys there. Best of all Kyle is now “practically a teenager”!

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