Friday, August 31, 2007

School Days

Ah that glorious time of year where the kids go back to school and you get a chance to regain your sanity. The first week of school went pretty well. Monday we woke up to flood ravaged roads, so I planned for extra time to get to school. Kyle usually gets up in a good mood in the morning and so was the case on Monday. Kyle comes out of his room wearing his new uniform and looking very sharp. He is supposed to have navy shorts or pants and I found some Dickie’s from Wal-Mart online for $10.00 which was more than half the price of the school’s uniform shop. I didn’t know what size Kyle wore in that brand so we went to a store that had them and he tried them on. He wore a size 6, so I went home and ordered 5 pairs then thinking ahead I ordered 3 pairs of size 7. All was going well until I got a closer look at his shorts. The pockets were gaping open because they were too small. I don’t think Kyle has ever had shorts that were too small. I sent him to school with them on anyway, because I had washed all of them so there’s no taking them back now. When I asked him how his first day of school was he said I got a wedgie at recess because my shorts are too small. I thought he meant kids gave him a wedgie because he looked nerdy with those shorts on, but he said no one gave him one it just sort of happened. Poor kid, I asked if he could just wear them long enough until it gets cool and he can wear pants and he thinks he can. In honor of school starting Metro Pizza had a “kids make it we bake it” night. So we went before Cub Scouts on Wednesday and the kids had a good time. They had a pizza man come around and show the kids how to stretch the dough and spread the sauce. There’s nothing like playing with you food before you eat it. Kyle was excited to have leftovers so he could take them to school for lunch, he thinks he is in high cotton since his school lets him use the microwave. Ronnie and I got a chuckle one night while looking over Kyle’s homework, he had to define evolution. I read his answer and asked where he got it from and he said his history book. Puzzled I looked in his book and found he was right it said: the false teaching that man evolved from apes, exactly what he wrote down. I always thought well I guess some aspects of evolution were true, not the parts about species jumping from one to another, but how insects can change their coloring to blend into their surroundings or how bird’s beaks adapt over time depending on what there are eating. Then it occurred to me that I didn’t believe in parts of evolution at all but I did believe in adaptation. My beliefs hadn’t changed just the way I would express them. It was just nice to see it in Kyle’s book. He may have some problems if he goes to a State college, but I’ll let him cross that road when he comes to it. Now next week Lana will start preschool again. She goes on Tuesday and Thursday between 9:00am-12:00pm and I get a whole six hours a week all to myself. I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself but I sure will enjoy the silence.

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