Friday, May 30, 2008

Springs Preserve


Well we finally made it to the Springs Preserve. Ronnie's parents were in town and Kyle was out of school and it just seemed like the perfect thing to do. The kids were so excited they pretty much ran through it. Luckily we got a season pass so we can go back and actually read about the exhibits.

IMG_0820 Kyle is really excited about the nature exchange they have. How it works is you bring in something from nature and they assign a point value to it. Then you can save up you points to get something else. Kyle is a rock collector so he is thinking of bringing in dead bugs and exchanging them for rocks.

Lana scared me to death on the playground. The next time we go back I think we will have to get lost and somehow never find the outdoor playground. I think when it's 115 outside she will be as happy as can be playing in the indoor play place that has nothing you can fall off. She really loves looking at all the animals.

IMG_0833There was a lot we didn't see , this place is huge! They even have hiking trails, which we might go on in the fall. I really want to go back and see the conservation area, maybe I'll go by myself when the kids are in school. Then I could really take it all in without being pulled one way or another.

This place is really neat and very family oriented which we are always looking for in Vegas. If you haven't been I highly recommend going.

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Eliza said...

Yeah, for family fun and for something to do with out of town guests. I'm glad it wasn't too hot that day.