Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Faucet Repair 101

We have had a leaky faucet in the kid's bathtub for quite sometime. We have replaced the washer in it and that would work for a little while but it would eventually start leaking again. So while Ronnie's Dad was in town we asked him to take a look at it and see what else we should do. He recommend replacing another part of the faucet and then said if you want to we could just put a new faucet in. I thought we should just go ahead and get a new faucet, then I asked how hard if would be to center our faucet over the tub. For some reason the tub faucet is set off centered and it just looks odd. Then when he said he could take a look at that I said hey we also have a new tub enclosure we bought at Lowe's one day because it was 80% off can you put that in too. Always willing to help he said sure. So a leaky faucet led to basically a new bathroom.

IMG_0845 IMG_0852 IMG_0858

If you want to know how to repair a faucet I can't help you, but I can advise you to get your Father-in-law to just redo the whole bathroom while he is on vacation.

Thanks Ronnie


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Eliza said...

That looks great! Isn't it great when visitors come to town and do projects for you? My Dad is the same way.