Monday, May 5, 2008

Teacher Appreciation

How I love those individuals that answer the call to teach.  They really are the most important people because they are helping mold the minds of the future.  Teachers leave a imprint on our children's lives that will last a lifetime. 

I can remember my kindergarten teacher, whose name escapes me, allowing me to stay in her classroom after throwing up.  She knew I was sick, but she also knew how shy I was and I would have been scared waiting for my mom to pick me up in the nurse's office.  We lived 30 minutes away from school and my teacher knew that was a long time for me to be around strangers.  My 1st grade teacher taught me it was ok to pray the way I wanted to.  In a class room full of Baptists, a little shy girl saying a prayer the Mormon way kind of sticks out like a sore thumb.  A lesson you would think would came from a Sunday school teacher surprisingly came  from a grade school teacher.  I can remember my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Zinke, who with her perfectly placed salt and pepper hair taught me proper cursive.  Then there was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. McGee with her phrase "Buttocks to the back" taught me good sitting posture. My 4th grade teacher, Mr. Hebert who taught me harsh words are seldom forgotten.  That's the end of my elementary years and I will spare you the boredom of continuing on.  I know that Kyle's teachers have impacted his life greatly and I am so fortunate that Kyle and Lana have had great people to teach them. 

This year for teacher appreciation week I made this cute little gift for Kyle's and Lana's teachers.IMG_0744 IMG_0746

The F is empty because I didn't have any quarters on me at the time.  Each day their teachers get to open a box and find a little surprise.

Sunday - You really measure up! (measuring tape)

Monday - A note to let you know that you are a wonderful teacher (sticky notes)

Tuesday - Thanks for holding everything together. (paper clips)

Wednesday - You were mint to teach.  Thanks for your hard work.  (mints)

Thursday - We are stuck on you! (magnets)

Friday - Soda you know that we think you are a great teacher? (quarters for the soda machine)

Saturday - You are as sharp as a tack. (push pins)

Like everything I do it wasn't my idea, I copied someone.  The website I have found is called Skip to my Lou and I copy lots of ideas from this super creative lady.  She makes it so easy by giving us prints outs and everything.  I'm so glad there is someone out there thinking of the slackers of the world. 

So go forth and take a few minutes to appreciate a teacher today. 

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell Mrs. Mc Gee wore a F bra and still had perfect posture!!!