Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Poor Kids...

Sometimes teaching children lessons are harder on the parents than the child. Well I take that back, not just sometimes but almost always. Last night I asked Kyle to fold/hang up/put away a load of laundry. I told him he could watch TV while he did it. Before I went to bed I checked to see how well he did. I was not pleased to say the least. Nothing was put away, only a few things were on hangers and nothing was folded and he had an hour and a half to do his job. It was his bedtime so I sent him to bed. I did not finish his job, no I just hopped in bed and went to sleep with clean clothes all over the floor (it wasn’t the first time). Today I got Kyle up at his usual time and when he said he was already for school I said ok now please go finish your job. Oh my, that did not make him happy. He came back a few minutes later and said I’m finished. I thought there’s no way, not even I, the one who has the most practice at this job could finish so quickly. So I go and check. I still see a large pile of clothes. Kyle then says, I hung up all the clothes that could be hung up and then put them away. You told me I just had to hang up clothes not fold. See he thinks since I’m turning 30 this week that I’m losing my mind and I might believe his little story. I start to think about how I can get across to him the importance of doing a job and doing it the right way. I then tell him that he will be late for school today because he needs to finish his job. We are never late for school. Kyle knows how important school is and hopefully he will see how important doing a job is also even if it is just laundry. Kyle finally is finished and we head off for school 15 minutes late. I totally could have made up the time by speeding, but what would that have taught him. And besides, I still don’t have my NV driver’s license (I have a valid CO one) and I don’t want to get pulled over. So as I’m driving I’m thinking what is the office lady going to think when she hears I made Kyle stay home and put away the laundry instead of getting him to school on time. She’s going to think, wow, what a lazy mom! She makes her kids late for school just so she doesn’t have to put away the laundry. Oh well I really don’t care what she thinks about me. I know why I did it and Kyle hopefully knows why I did it and that’s all that matters to me. So I walk into the office a second behind Kyle to hear him say why he was late. He said “I was late because of laundry”. The office lady said oh we have days like that too (looking over at me) and sent Kyle on his way. Then she looked at me and told me how hers was piling up on her too. So the office lady totally thought Kyle was late for school because we were waiting on his clothes to dry. Whatever, it’s not really important to me that the office lady knows the truth.

So then I’m driving Lana to preschool and while I’m at a stoplight I look over at the Dairy Queen sign to see what their specials are. That’s normal right, to be thinking about ice cream at 9am, totally normal. The sign said their blizzard of the month was tin roof. Then I break out singing Love Shack by the B52’s. Lana is just sitting in the back staring at me. My poor kids…

If you have no idea why I started singing this song then listen at about 3:50.

Side Note: This is the only song that I have ever sang Karaoke to in public.

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