Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Can't Have Everything


I absolutely adore these boots. I can imagine buying outfits solely to be worn with these boots. I can imagine sitting and looking at them all the time and counting all the buttons on these boots. I can imagine learning how to properly care for leather shoes if I owned these boots.

I will never own these boots, because I am too practical.


I love Kevin Spacey. I love the way his eyes wrinkle when he smiles. I love the sound of his voice. I love his 5 o'clock shadow that he seems to always have no matter the time. Ronnie knows that if he goes to rent a movie and can't find one he wants to watch all he has to do is pick a Kevin Spacey movie and I'll be happy.

I will never be Mrs. Spacey, because I'm very happy being Mrs. Lutes.


I love this vehicle. I have priced this vehicle loaded with all the things I wanted it to have on it and even the color I wanted it to be (olive). I figured out how much money I would put down on this vehicle and what my monthly payments would be. I test drove it more than once.

I will never have this car, because my kid's education means more to me.

I know I can't have everything. I know that if I did get those boots they would probably make blisters on my feet and I would still wear them because they cost so much. I know that if I were Mrs. Spacey I would probably be annoyed because I would never get to see him due to work and well life just wouldn't be any fun without Ronnie. I know that if I drove a Commander I would park in the back of parking lots so my car wouldn't get dinged by carts. I know that you can't always get what you want and sometimes when you do get it, it's not that great. Lana has learned this life lesson this week.


RMason said...

Great Post...and ive had a problem with upchucking since the election myself! haha

I sincerely enjoy your blog site. You are very creative.

And tell Ronnie that Ronnie says hello.

Pat said...

I keep telling you, you got skills girl. Very cool video. Color me impressed.

Great way to look at things also.

Smart Helm said...

That was a fun video and a fun post. Thank you for sharing!
(Artsy Artsy Artsy!)

Ronnie said...

Lana - a girl after my own political beliefs. You have to start them early to raise a good conservative.