Monday, November 17, 2008

She's Crafty

A few weeks ago Ronnie bought me this T-shirt.



Normally I don't wear crew neck T-shirts out of the house.  I prefer V-neck or something, anything other than a crew neck.  I guess I watch too much What Not to Wear.  I love this shirt, it totally cracks me up!  It combines my love of all things crafty and all kinds of music all on one shirt.  I'm sure it would end up in the trash can of shame if Stacey and Clinton ever came knocking on my door, but oh well.   When I wear it I think...isn't it cool that my husband totally gets me.


So while we are talking about crafts, let me show you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to decorating for a party.  This is a paper bag flower.


I hung a few of these at a baby shower and everyone thought they were way cool.  I learned about them from Martha Stewart.  I guess I'm the only one that still watches Martha.  I would much rather read her magazine than watch her because she really can be quite annoying, but I could never throw away her magazines.  I have 8 years wroth of subscriptions in a closet and I decided, once the shelf they were on started to bow in the middle, that I had enough magazines.  Now your probably asking yourself how often to I look through them.  Well I organize them by month so in October I can go grab the October box and see all the fun Halloween crafts.  Whenever I want to do a holiday craft I just go grab that box and I'm set. 

Alright, enough about my magazine hoarding issues, back to paper bag flowers.

papger bag flower_edited-1

1.Get six paper lunch sacs any color.



2.Fold the bottom flap back.



3.Cut the bottom of the sac off.



4.Cut all six bottoms off the sacs



5.Grab some double sided tape or glue.  I love Zip Dry.



6.Glue or tape down the sides of all six sacs and stack them on top of each other. 


7.Cut a petal shape out on one side of the sacs.



8.Use a hole punch to make a hole through all six sacs.  Then tie a ribbon around them loosely.


9.Bring the front and back sides of the sacs together and glue or tape.  If you have a hard time making them both meet, then cut the petal shape further down the side.  Then hang from the ceiling.  Stand back and marvel at what you can do for less than a buck.


Anonymous said...

She's crafty and just our type!! Oh yeah, tbe Beasty Boys,remember them well, Dad, me, you and Jay get in the car and Dad starts it up! Beasty Boys and one of their less crafty songs come blaring out the car speakers, about quarter mile down our gravel road he rolls down his window and throws it out!!! Not a word was said but that said it all and we went zipping down the road with a dust trail behind us!! He's crafty too!

Pat said...

Ok I still don't get it, it doesn't look that easy to me. But maybe since I have a good friend that knows how to make these I don't have to. When Diana gets married I will just call you up to make 100 of these and we will spray them with glitter or something. Not that I am planning her wedding already or anthing. I'm just saying.

Smart Helm said...

K.. u win on the crafty department. In the contest of life, u are a winner!
Now u can sit and appriciate all the accolates that come soaring in.

You are soooo crafty!

Ronnie said...

It always makes me smile when you incorporate the Beastie Boys into a blog. Another Dimension. Another Dimension.

sara said...

Very cute craft. I'll have to try it with the young women. Although, I can't figure out why step 8 turned the bag green... :)

Shawna said...

Step 8 is a tricky one