Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas has come and gone but, toys are still strung all through out the house, the tree is still up, the wreath is still on the door, and there are still Christmas goodies on the kitchen counter.  I guess since the sense of Christmas is still lingering it's ok to catch up on our Christmas going ons. 

The Christmas Card

I had a lot of fun with this year's Christmas card. 

First I hunted down red Converse, which was painful until I learned we have several Converse stores in Vegas, who knew? 

Then came the photo shoot.  This was really fun!  Ronnie selected the music and I snapped shots as the kids let loose and had a ball. 

A little work on Photoshop and then the assembling began.


Front of Card


Inside of Card

Gingerbread Houses

Fun was had by all this year as we assembled our houses. I think we are still finding candy that rolled off the table and found it's way to every corner of the house. Mom made a cute little cozy cottage with a red and green roof.  Cody decorated his love shack, complete with a candy cane heart archway.  Lacey, Sadie, and Lana get the award for most candy used and they added a very cool chimney to their house.  Kyle worked all by himself on his ginger train, he did a great job, there is even cargo in the train car.  Lana carried on the tradition of the Rudolph nose and introduced her cousin Mason to the fun.

12 21 08_0376

 12 21 08_0383_edited-1

12 21 08_0384  12 21 08_0382

12 21 08_0391 12 21 08_0372 12 21 08_0373 

12 21 08_0386 12 21 08_0385

12 24 08_0341

Christmas Day

Here's just a few photos of Christmas:

 12 25 08_0295_edited-1 12 25 08_0294_edited-1  From Cute..........................................................To just Wrong!12 25 08_0335

The cousins at Christmas

12 25 08_0296

. . . HE HIMSELF, . . . !

The Grinch carved the roast beast!


Eliza said...

I loved your Christmas card. We rocked out to the music all the time. Thank you!

I love that the gingerbread houses have pumpkins! Cute.

Holyoak Family said...

Your Christmas Card was fabulous! We hang all our cards in the dining room and we got so many comments on yours. People loved it. I think I took it off the wall 100 times to let people look at it! Keep it up and we won't be friends.JK! You are so talented! I am glad you had a great Christmas. Love Brett

Smart Helm said...

That was a wonderful Christmas card. It looked like tons and tons of work... and tons. AWESOME!

Merry Merry Christmas!