Thursday, December 11, 2008

Las Vegas Marathon

                                       12 06 08_0117

This past Sunday was fast Sunday for me.  Usually fasting is not a hard thing to do, but this Sunday was hard.  Ronnie's company sponsored a mile at the Las Vegas Marathon this Sunday.  Everyone was encouraged to go help out by passing cups of water and Gatorade off to the runners.  I try to keep the Sabbath day holy and so on and I don't think that going down to the Strip makes it easy for one to do this.  But I went because we were volunteering, doing good works.  We woke up at 5:45am and got everyone dressed in some sort of red (we were asked to wear red for some reason).  We helped fill 4 tables full of water and Gatorade cups.  Then the runners started passing by.  Everyone was excited to cheer on the brave people running and try to hand off some cups.  The kids had a blast.              


We saw all kinds of runners...

12 06 08_0134 12 06 08_0139

                                Santa Runners                                                                     Elvis Runners

12 06 08_0150 12 06 08_0144

                        Turtle Elvis Runners                                                             Bride and Groom Runners

12 06 08_0138 12 06 08_0135

                          More Elvis Runners                                                            Funky Jive Man Runner

We were set up on mile 25 so when the runners passed us they only had 1.2 miles left.  Which is why you see some of the runners walking.  Some were running half marathons and some started at mile 7 after getting married.  It was apparent some runners were running with a purpose and some were running for fun.  No matter though the only thing on my mind as I looked at the runners was...well let me see if you can guess:

                                                   12 06 08_0120

                                                                          You can see it here...

                                  12 06 08_0121

                                                                                      And here...

                                 12 06 08_0142

                                                                I tried to block it out here....

                                                     12 06 08_0152

                                                    But I moved and it came back into focus...

                                   12 06 08_0159 

                      You think I'm taking a picture of my husband don't'd be wrong

                                   12 06 08_0158

                                                                                 See it now...

                                  12 06 08_0158_edited-1

          Yes, that darn IN-N-OUT sign is quite a force to be reckoned with on fast Sunday.


                              12 06 08_0148

We had to leave before everyone was finished so we could make it to church.  This is the sea of cups that had accumulated so far, I can't imagine how many more there were when it was all over and done with.  Who knew marathons were so messy?


Anonymous said...

Wow, what fun, busy but helpful Sunday. Great blog, but of course I'm just a little swayed to the Lutopia side!!! They're just a HUNK HUNKA HUNKA BURNING LOVE, WHOOOOO!!! Mom

sara said...

That is hilarious. I totally had no clue what you were talking about until that close up picture. Good for you guys for doing such good deeds and for capturing it all on film. I can't believe people ran so long in those ridiculous costumes.

Eliza said...

After your close up picture, I scrolled back to check out the other ones, and yep it was there! You're a strong woman to keep fasting when I know the sign must have been calling to you(I bet you went there on Monday, right?) What a great family service project!