Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

Yesterday it started to snow in Las Vegas around noon.  It kept snowing until way after the sun went down. Here's a video documenting the snow, hey it's a novelty here, just bear with me. 


And here are some pictures of what the kids did with all this snow. 

12 17 08_0245

They got all bundled up.

12 17 08_0248

The neighbor girls recruited them to build a snowman.

12 17 08_0249

I guess Kyle was there for the heavy lifting.

12 17 08_0254

Lana was pretty good at rolling the snow balls around.

12 17 08_0261

The girls were hard at work and I wondered where Kyle ran off to.

12 17 08_0257

Ah ha...look no further I found him on top of the camper making snowballs to throw.

12 17 08_0259

He wasn't the only one throwing snowballs!  Lana's friend from down the street came over to join the fun.

12 17 08_0263

The neighbor girls finished the snowman.  Didn't they do a great job?

All this snow means only one thing to the school aged kids...will we have a snow day tomorrow??  Yes indeed they did.  Here is what we did with our snow day.

We journeyed to the mall with letters to Santa in hand.

12 18 08_0235

Lana wasn't feeling her best so no smiles today.

12 18 08_0236

We found the Santa Mailbox at Macy's

12 18 08_0238

Dropped our letters in.

12 18 08_0239

Then had some lunch.

12 18 08_0241

Lana's first Hot Dog on a Stick.  She's now hooked.

Oh the wonders a snowy day brings.


Smart Helm said...

How Fun.. I'm totally jealous of the non snowday...
And what a great snowman! In my little community park, someone started a snowman but ran out snow! All they had was one big ball.
Happy Holidays!

Holyoak Family said...

I am so glad you got snow!!! Everyone should have to live like us for at least one day! Love ya.