Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chef Lutes is at it Again

Kyle loves to watch Good Eats on the Food Network with me.  One day we were watching and Alton was making something called Pork Wellington.  Kyle looked at me and said, I want to make that!  So we planed to let him cook it for Sunday dinner.

He and Ronnie went shopping for everything on Saturday.  He was so excited that he watched the episode 3 times before he started to cook.  When I would try to help him I got the, that’s not how Alton did it mom, so I backed off and let him do it Alton’s way.  He did a fabulous job!  We had invited my mom and dad and sisters over for dinner  and he wanted to take some down to his piano teacher and her husband also so he made 2.  We got a call the next day from the piano teacher and she said  thank you so much for the meal is was very good.  Then Ronnie told her it was made by Kyle she was just amazed.  She said it was a gourmet meal.  I think Alton would be pleased.  I know I am very pleased to have a son who like cooking as much as Kyle does. 

Here is Kyle doing his interpretation of Alton.

05 31 09_0865

Here is a picture of  the shirt he modified before cooking for us.  In case you can’t see, he crossed out Pedro and wrote Kyle.  What can I say, he’s cool like that.

05 31 09_0864We had more pictures but sadly our car was broken into while we were at the movies on the last day of school and both mine and Kyle’s cameras were stolen.  Along with all the photos I had taken for the past month.  I’ve been very “Be Calm and Carry On” about the whole thing, but I’m sad about all the memories that we lost.


Eliza said...

I am so sad about your camera and the lost memories.

Kyle told me about his dish. When he explained it, I was quite impressed, but the picture is even better. Well done!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Wow that is very impressive. So sorry about the camera and pictures. That happened to me once except it was my house that was broken into, but still not fun.

Smart Helm said...

I can't imagine someone taking ur camera like that! Man, that would be terrible. I'm so sorry. A picture is shore worth a thousand words. I'm going to go home right now and makes sure all my pictures have been transfered to the computer. I shore am impressed with ur calmness.

I'm impressed with Kyle and his cooking. Perhaps a budding chef?

sara said...

Ok, so I was going to comment on the food, which looks delicious by the way, but then I saw that you have a wooden floor!
I want one!
Did you guys install it yourselves? Did you find the material here locally?
Does it scratch easy?

Holyoak Family said...

So sad about your camera! The food looks great! What a little chef!

Shawna said...

Sara ~ I'm pretty sure we had this floor when we had a baby shower for Audrey that you came to. It's fake wood - wood laminate. Armstrong Italian Walnut. You can get it from Lowe's, but I searched on the internet and found it cheaper including shipping. I love it! No scratches yet and we did lay it ourselves.