Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Summer Started Out With a Flop

The last week of school the kids schedule was jammed packed.  Lana had a promotion ceremony the day before school was out and then a half day on the last day of school.  Then Kyle had a promotion ceremony one evening, a pool party the next day and an awards ceremony the last day of school.  Kyle told me he wasn’t feeling well at the beginning of the week and I told him to buck up, this is the last week of school.  The morning of his pool party he said he really didn’t feel well and I told him if your not going to school then your not going to the pool party, then he got dressed for school.  Then last day of school he said in a whinny sick voice, Mom it’s the last day of school and I don’t feel well do I have to go?  To which I answered in an enthusiastic voice, Your right, it’s the last day of school Kyle then you have the whole summer to stay home and be sick.   Now I didn’t think for one minute that Kyle was sick, I just thought was wasn’t as sick as he thought he was.

On the last day of school we try to do something fun for the kids to kind of signal the start of summer.  In past years we would go to Chucky Cheese, but Kyle has out grown that place thank goodness!   So we took them to see the movie UP, which is one of the cutest movies I have seen in a long time.  The next day is when I discovered someone broke into my car and stole my wallet and both Kyle’s and mine cameras.  I had so much on my plate already that day and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  We had decided the day before to send Lana to the same school as Kyle.  Which meant I needed to gather up paperwork from Lana’s school then sort through uniforms from Kyle’s school.  I also had to teach the combined lesson in YW which I hadn't started because of all the end of year stuff with the kids schools.   Now I needed time to grieve over the lost pictures and videos from the kids year end activities.  And then I needed to call all the appropriate companies and tell them my wallet was stolen.  And finally take care of Kyle who had gotten much worse overnight.  After I had a good cry because I’m the only parent ever to not have a picture of her child graduating Kindergarten, I tried calling a few credit card companies to report my card as stolen.  Which was a problem because apparently being a co on a credit card does nothing for you, they only want to speak to the primary.  So then I had to bug Ronnie at work and telling him how my day was going and see if he could call these people whenever he got a chance.  A few minutes later he called to say he was on his way home from work.  My knight in shining armor was saving me again and I could breath easy and get everything accomplished. 

Here’s a few pictures of Lana that I took with my phone…not all is lost.  After her promotion from kindergarten we let her pick where she wanted to go for breakfast and she picked WaffleS Cafe where she got a banana split sundae waffle and a honeydew smoothie. 

06 03 09_0852 06 03 09_0853

Here is Lana trying on her new uniform

06 04 09_0848

Sadly the only picture I took of Kyle with my phone was when he was coming down the slide at his pool party, all you can see is a head and you wouldn’t know it was him before I told ya. 

06 04 09_0844

A few days later Lana got sick then a few days after that I got sick then a few days after that Ronnie got sick.  But I’m glad to say we are all finialy feeling better and ready to hit summer head on.  Now if someone could just do something about the heat thing…that’s kind of annoying. 


Pat said...

That is horrible, all of it. Well not the good stuff. Are you telling me that Kristin queen of photographers, did not take any pictures of Kindergarden graduation? Inconceivable.

Glad to hear that things are going better. Sorry about the heat. You could follow me to Utah, but it is kind of hot here today as well.

Shawna said...

Kristin had her hands full! She didn't have time to breath let alone take a picture. Imagine 80 kindergartners and you are solely responsible for making them sing and dance all together. That my dear is

Things are much better now. It maybe hot in UT but I bet it's lush and green. Enjoy it for me.

Eliza said...

I'm enjoying lush and green too and luckily the heat has dropped a bit and it actually feels really nice. I hope it lasts.

So sorry about your pictures. I feel your pain.

Lana is cute in her uniform, but I'm sad we won't be walking to school together.

I'm glad all the sickness has passed. You guys can use our pool and cool off and enjoy summer if you want. I'm sure Russell's not using it while he's home, and he'll be coming to MO soon. :)

Shawna said...

Eliza~ I'm sad we won't be waling together too, but I'm excited to have both kids in the same school.

I just might take you up on the pool offer, thanks! Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!

Smart Helm said...

Goodness, that is quite the post! I'm glad u guys are better and I'm sure ur lesson went well.

I think we should do something about the heat as well. Like sue whoever ordered it.