Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How Did This Happen??

Kyle’s school had a carnival at the first of May.  I really didn’t want to go.  Our Ward was going camping that same night and well we couldn’t go camping because Ronnie had to work the next morning.  So we went to the carnival and  the kids had a great time.  Kyle ran off with his friends and Lana went from booth to booth getting prizes.  Ronnie took Lana around because I was helping out in the karaoke room.  Next year I will suggest ear plugs for the helpers!  Ronnie and Lana would stop in and show me their prizes and Ronnie said that we also have a ticket for goldfish, I don’t know what that means.  I thought well surely they are just giving the kids goldfish crackers, right?  

Soon enough my time in the karaoke room was over and I went out to watch the kids play carnival games. 

      Lana fished                                                                             And got her face painted

054            059

     She tossed ping pong balls in bowls                             And did the ring toss

056            05 08 09_0899

   Kyle held a snake (but I didn’t get a picture)              And volunteered for the sponge toss

058             05 08 09_0901

He spent most of the evening at the dunk tank where they could dunk the teachers.   I felt for the teachers and couldn’t bare take a picture of them getting dunked.  Then it was time for us to go and Ronnie said what about this ticket for goldfish.  So we went over to where we were to redeem the ticket and they were real goldfish!  Once Lana saw them she was so excited and ran to tell Kyle who in turn had to go play the game until he too got a ticket.  We came home with 2 goldfish, oh boy!  I was not excited because we have a horrible time with pets or fish in general.  Lana always does something to ruin the whole tank and I have to spend a day cleaning and trying to save the fish. 

So on the way home the kids named the fish.  Kyle named his Fish Norris after none other than Chuck Norris and Lana named hers Goldie.  Much like she names her balloons, balloonie and her squid, squidie and  well just take anything and add an ie to the end.  So we get our fish home and have to put them in something and I found some ice cream glasses. 

05 08 09_0903

I really didn’t think that they would live very long so I didn’t want to commit to a real fish bowl just yet.  One week went by and they were still swimming, then two weeks went by and I really wanted my kitchen counter space back so I broke down and got a fish bowl. 

06 24 09_0986 

Here it is almost two months later and they are still swimming.  I guess I should invest in a plant or something to decorate their fish bowl.   I’m just really hoping we don’t have baby fish in our future. 

And that my friends is how we came to have more fish in our house.  I knew we shouldn’t have gone to that carnival! 


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Carnivals are of the devil, didn't you know. I probably have a garage full of old fish stuff I bought after similar expereinces as you. Just come over and help yourself.

Smart Helm said...

come now, I thought Carnivals were so much fun!

And I'm so surprised ur fish are still alive. My sister Emily always bought about a dozen so that at least 2 or 3 will still be alive. Then they all die.

Good luck!

Eliza said...

Sounds like you got suckered, but at least the kids had fun! Do you ever call Lana, Lanaie?

Holyoak Family said...

Oh! The darn carnival Fish!!!! We had a fish from our school carnival that lasted 3, yes I said 3... years! No joke. The kids eventually quit wanting to clean the bowl so we sent it off to live in Grandpa's fish pond. The heater in the pond broke over the winter and none of the fish made it. So, So sad.:)