Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Golly Gee Look Who's 83

My Grandmother turned 83 yesterday. She had just returned from Texas and didn’t really fell like doing anything for her birthday. So we just ordered her favorite pizza and had cake and ice cream. When you are 83 there isn’t much you could possibly want for your birthday. She was just happy to be with her loved ones. We were trying to show her the Wii. She couldn’t quite get bowling down, with releasing the buttons at the right times and so forth. So I put in the card from my camera and started doodling on some photos. She really thought that was cute.

She is a huge ice cream eater and I had wanted to take her to Ben & Jerry’s to get the twenty scoop sundae called the Vermonster. So we did that today after she had a few days to rest up from her trip. In case you have never heard of the monstrosity called the Vermonster here’s the low down:

Twenty scoops of ice cream

Four ladles of hot fudge

Four bananas

Ten scoops of chopped walnuts

One fudge brownie

Three cookies

Two scoops each of four different toppings

Whipped cream and Cherries on Top

She is not a big fan of bananas, so no bananas for us. There were seven of us and we came close but we did not finish it. Later she said I think I could have eaten more ice cream but I could feel my pants getting tight. I swear she can eat more ice cream than anyone alive. And she eats it so fast and never gets brain freeze. It was a lot of fun, everyone that walked into the store came over to see the giant sundae and congratulated her on her birthday. On the way home she said, “I never knew a place like that existed”. I think I can conclude that means we will defiantly be back to try again to conquer the Vermonster.

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Pat said...

I've never heard of anything like that either. Thanks Shawna for enlarging my life. Because of you I know about many new and exciting things. :)