Friday, November 23, 2007

Shopping Spree

Black Friday is no fun for Ronnie since Sam’s has jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon. Unfortunately he had to wake up at 2:45AM and head off to work. Sue and I got up at 4:30AM and Grandpa got to stay home with the kids. I couldn’t decide where to go to first, but we ended up at Wal – Mart. We got there ten minutes early and they had already let people in the store, which was so nice. I wasn’t about to wait in line this year, I had a really bad experience at Target last year with people ramming people with carts and such. Sue and I walked right into Wal – Mart and gathered our bargains. They had so many employees out and about to help that we were able to find everything in no time. Then we went back out into the car to gather up the other ads and see if they would price match them. We tested it with one item then when that worked we searched the store for more items for them to price match. We found everything we wanted to get except for some shirts that were from Target. We had to wonder around a bit waiting until 6:00AM to get some of the items priced matched but it was so nice not running from store to store getting everything. We heard someone over the loud speaker say “Is there anyone shopping, because we don’t have anyone in line up front”. They had every checkout stand open and there were no lines. I think that is a first for Wal – Mart. We even did a little grocery shopping while we were there and there was a guy stocking the aisle that looked at us like we were crazy to be doing grocery shopping in the middle of the Black Friday rush. Black Friday was such a pleasant experience this year, everyone seemed to be in a good mood and I didn’t see anyone jumping on other people’s wheelchairs. I did see a few groups of women all dressed alike, they must have been the hardcore shoppers since they had team uniforms. Maybe I need to plan out some uniforms for next year. We were finished in time to bring home breakfast for everyone.

Hours later we were talking about putting up our Christmas tree that evening. Our Christmas tree is getting pretty old and needs replacing. I was looking through the Black Friday ads again and noticed a nice looking tree at JC Penny’s and was sorry that I didn’t notice it sooner, because I thought all the sales were over with. Then Sue points out their sale go on till 1:00PM. So we head out to get the tree. When we get there we spot one tree left. We lean against it so people walking by know that this is our tree, back away. Then one at a time we go to look at the display and I’m not really sure if I like it or not. It of course looked way different than the picture on the box and in the sale ad. I still wait in line to buy it figuring if I really don’t like it I could always bring it back. We were in a forever long line and after listening to a baby cry for ten straight minutes I decided I really don’t want to buy this. So we leave and grab some lunch, then went home to take naps.

When everyone woke up from their naps we decorated the tree. Christmas decorating doesn’t take very long because I don’t put out the breakable stuff yet. I think I need to give Lana one more year before I can fully decorate for Christmas. In the meantime I still keep collecting some really nice Christmas decorations so when I do put it all out, I think I’ll need to do some cleaning out of the decorations or get a bigger house to put them all. The kids put most of the ornaments on the tree and this year they kind of turned it into a race. I couldn’t open the ornament boxes quick enough for them. The kids had some hot chocolate and we had Christmas music playing. It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year already. I’ve got most of the shopping and the decorating finished now it’s time to start on the card making and cookie baking.

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