Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air

After being sick for what seems like forever I’m so excited to welcome the spring like weather we have been having, and along with the weather, spring activities also. We have been doing a little spring cleaning and organizing and also some gardening. A few weeks ago we got out in the garden and cleaned it up from the winter. We planted a few things outside and started some seeds inside. I have learned yet one more thing about gardening. When starting seeds it’s best to use plastic trays, not the ones made out of peat. For some reason the peat ones always start mold. Which makes me wonder why do they still sell them. I went to Wal-Mart and picked up the ever popular Jiffy seed starting kit and started my seeds and in only 4 days I had mold growing. I Googled mold on seedlings and every page said don’t use peat pots. It seems everyone knows they are bad, but I can’t find the plastic trays anywhere except online. I finally broke down and ordered this cool little tool that makes little seed pots from newspaper and as an impulse buy I got 25 strawberry plants too. Yes, I realize that’s quite an impulse buy, but I never said I was normal.

Many many moons ago I came across a really good deal on bookcases. The bookcases were only $40 and they were supposed to be $98. I only needed one bookcase but I ended up getting two, because it was such a good deal. There was also a computer desk that matched the bookcase, but it was out of stock at the time. I kept waiting for the desk to come in, but no luck. I had measured my wall and I could fit the two bookcases and the desk and have an inch to spare, it was like these three pieces of furniture were meant for my house. I searched on the internet for other suppliers of the desk, but the price was not right, then on top of that the shipping was so expensive. Finally we broke down and decided we need the new desk, well actually it was our old computer desk that broke down. So we decided that we would get the computer desk for ourselves for Valentine’s Day, because nothing says love like a desk. We are a little too practical sometimes, but to each his own. The desk actually arrived on Valentine’s Day, weird. We had a few issues with some broken parts and had to wait for replacements and all that fun stuff, but now our office is complete. We spent the day putting the desk together and organizing the shelves; we now have one bookcase for books and one for crafts and office supplies. Next on my organizing list…the kid’s closets.

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MaryMarrott said...

Shawna, love your blog - you do a good job and it is great to follow your family! The desk was worth waiting for - you did a good job! Gardening is so fun for the kids and you---Lynn likes it more than I do. Take care - glad you are feeling better. Mary