Friday, February 29, 2008

Hoppy Leap Day

Just like me not being able to leave well enough alone. I had to take a toadally non-holiday and turn it into something much more. Yes, my to do list grew as the day went on. Lana and I had to wear green like frogs for leap year, which sadly the only green shirt I could find was long sleeved and didn’t make it through the day because it was too hot. Then we read Toad and Frog and Froggy books. Then we played leap frog while listening to Fall Down by Toad the Wet Sprocket. Then we delivered leap day frogs to random people. While we were delivering frogs I learned that one of my neighbors was born on Leap Year, how cool is that! We were going to make frog eye salad, but I decided strawberry shortcakes sounded better (and easier), so we named them strawberries on lily pads. Then we hid some leftover frogs in the house for Kyle and Ronnie to find so they didn’t feel left out of the leap year madness.

Now some might say that I have too much time on my hands. Well this is not true; here is the pile of laundry to prove it. I just choose to use my time differently than most. I did however get my lesson planned out for Sunday.

I started making the square foot garden and realized that I just don’t have what it takes to finish it even though I had my trusty green tape measure and green pencil in keeping with the green theme for today. Ronnie finished it for me when he got home, teamwork…kind of sort of. I got my car cleaned out, but didn’t vacuum it. And I did turn in my attendance report and remembered to call the girls to remind them about the hike.

I finished making Easter jars and then Lana made her own creation. She decided she was going to assemble her own treat; M & M’s at the bottom then pink peep bunnies, then raisins in the middle. All I can say is I’m glad Leap Year is only every 4 years!

Oh and also Ronnie’s truck was broken into again at work today. I think this is the third time now. I can’t wait until he can move to a different store. I don’t call that place Tropigehtto for nothing. It’s really not a big deal this time because the guy that broke into it was trying to steal the radio and one of Ronnie’s employees started running after the thief and the guy dropped the radio and ran. Now the only bad thing is that his lock is punched out on both doors. We are not going to get it fixed until he moves to a different store.

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