Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well something that I left out of the last post was that during my hike I kind of twisted my ankle a little bit on some loose rocks. I didn’t write about it because it wasn’t really an issue. I would have totally written about it if it had been so bad that I needed my friend Kristin to give me a piggyback ride to the car. I just caught myself half way through my fall from grace and kept on walking and everything was fine, so I thought. The next day I went to church wearing these cute little shoes, with a little heel even and I was just fine. Then Monday morning I was out in the garden and we have a little retaining wall that I have to step up to see my garden, all was good until I stepped down. Then I really twisted my ankle, I could hear the gross pop and all. So I sat on the ground I thought about how stupid I was. I have always had bad ankles; I blame them on my many years in gymnastics. I knew I should have taken care of my ankle on Saturday, but I was trying to be Super Shawna. So after that I went in and started taking care of myself. That is until this morning when I went out with camera in hand to the garden to take pictures of the cauliflower that was actually growing. Yes, you guessed, I have short term memory issues or something, again I found myself on the ground, wanting to totally smack myself on the forehead and say d'oh! So I go inside and look for the icepack that I used yesterday and it was gone. I thought I was going crazy because I remember right where I put it and it was not there. Weird, then I picked Kyle up from school and found out where the icepack went, in his lunchbox.
While I was sitting around with my foot propped up today, Lana and I made this cute little fairy that I found at this site. Then I made these pots that you start seeds in with my new pot maker and some of my neighbor’s old newspapers. Well that was enough sitting around so Lana and I went to Target. I found these cute baskets. The two round ones are the Kid’s Easter baskets and the oblong one is for decoration. I am going to try to grow wheat grass in all of them this year. I hate the plastic Easter grass and last year we did the edible grass and the kids didn’t like the way it tasted and it got sticky from the condensation on the cold eggs.
Now tomorrow I am going to go to the cannery for our Ward, since my Mom is out of town she asked me to cover for her. I have a cute little couple coming to help fill the orders and the gentleman has a cane, it might come in handy at the rate I’m going!

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Pat said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope all went well at the cannery. I can't believe that is was this week, it seemed so far away.