Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well I woke up this morning and started preparing for the hike with the Young Women. Everything was going smoothly until I went to get my shoes. Now I don’t wear these shoes very often because I really don’t go walking very often. So this is what I found when I looked at them. Lana helped me tie my shoes I think. It took a few minutes to untie. Then I was off to get the kids ready, they were going to fly a plane with my Dad until Ronnie got home from work. Kyle got up no problem, but I had to dress Lana while she was half asleep. So then I get both kids dropped off at my Dad’s and go pick up the girls. We are right on time as I pull up to the parking lot and then realize I went to the wrong building. So now we are running a little late, I hate being late. We make it to the right building and get checked in then head out to Lake Mead. I am so glad we have such great girls because an hour long car ride with not so good of girls could really be horrific.The hike was so neat; it was on an old railway. The slats were gone and the only thing that remains were 5 large tunnels and of course a very level path. The weather was great for hiking and I don’t even think I got sunburnt…woohoo!

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