Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break the Vegas Way

Ahh… it’s Spring Break time in Vegas. That wonderful time when plain city walls get a nice coat of graffiti and packs of teenagers can be found roaming the streets at all hours. Yes indeed good times. I had the pleasure to have a knock on my door this morning from a young girl who was holding a bag that looked just like my church bag. I thought that maybe she was selling some form of fundraiser and just happen to have the same bag as me. Then the young girl said I found this down the street and I saw your name in it. I’m sure the young girl saw a very puzzled look on my face as I said oh, thank you so much, and then my mind was piecing things together. I took the bag and went through it to see if indeed it was mine. Sure enough it contained Kyle’s and my scriptures and some other things I take to church. Then I remembered I left the bag in my car, so then I headed out to the car. The passenger side door was open. This is what I saw.

The people must have been really disappointed when they realized there was nothing in my car. They went through the glove box and the center console and I think the only thing I had of value to them was about $1.50 in change that they took. I had some boxes of food storage in the back and they ripped open a box to find of course, 6 No. 10 cans. I would loved to have seen the looks on their faces as they found kids songs CDs, and little kids jackets, and big boxes with cans in them. I can only imagine they were a little disappointed with their heist of a buck fifty. Oh and also as I was walking around the car to make sure all the doors were shut and I found half a bag of Cheetos sitting on the top of my car. They were left in the car by Lana. I think the thieves put the bag of Cheetos on the top of my car so when I went down the driveway they would fall. I can’t think of any other reason to put them there.

Here is a rundown of the, oh so joyous activity that has taken place around our house since we moved here.

2 hubcaps stolen off the Nissan

Tailgate stolen

Trailer egged

House and truck paintballed

Jeep broken into ($1.50 stolen)

Between Ronnie’s truck getting broken into 3 times and the Nissan getting stolen at his work and all of the goings on at home, living in Vegas is such a JOY! I just can’t wait until summer break is here.

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