Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chef Lutes

As parents we all hope that our kids grow up and are outstanding members of society.  This is my wish for both of my kids but as I see Kyle growing into a young man I also want to make sure he will be a good husband and father.  Since Kyle turned 8 I have been teaching him a few skill he can do around the house.  He knows how to clean a bathroom and yes that includes the ever dreaded toilet.  He can read clothing labels and wash them properly and he even knows which items should be placed in the delicates bag.  He can sew about as well as I can on a sewing machine, not that that is say a lot.  He knows how to load the dishwasher so everything gets cleaned.  He can sew a button, something I know how to do but rarely ever do, hopefully he'll use this skill more.  His favorite skill to learn right now has to be cooking.  He started out learning how to make the old stand by, mac and cheese from a box.  Then he learned how to make it into a well rounded meal.  He learned quite a few basics like cooking eggs, browning ground beef and cooking pasta.  Notice all these things are kid friendly, they can be stirred a lot.  Cooking rice is just boring for him, he likes to constantly be stirring or flipping something when cooking.  So I thought I should teach him how to make risotto.  We had some peas growing the the garden so I sent Lana out to pick them and we made cheesy risotto with peas. 


After he sautéed the onions and garlic he got to add the the fun starts


He decided he was going to be there a while so he pulled up a stool


He used the line down the middle trick to see if he needed to add more chicken stock


Yes, we actually grew peas in Las Vegas


The finished product was to die for delicious


I can't help but wonder what kind of job Kyle will have when he gets older.  I think something along the lines of archaeologist or geologist because he has always been fascinated with ancient civilizations and loves discovering rocks and fossils.  I asked him recently what he wants to do when he gets older and he said he wants to be a chef.  There is no telling what he'll do to make an income but one thing is for sure, if he keeps making dishes like this he will make is family very happy.


Eliza said...

That looks yummy. They are always making risoto on Hell's Kitchen and I've wondered what it was exactly. Maybe Kyle should give me a lesson sometime.

Elizabeth said...

Way to go! Can't wait to see what he learns next! Yummie!!