Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kyle's Last Day of School



Kyle got out of school June 4th.  He has overcome many challenges this year in going to a new school.  I knew he would do just fine, because he can make friends faster than I can spend money.  He really had a great year of school.  Above is a picture of Kyle and his teacher.  She was such an awesome teacher.   I have also heard great things about his next year's teacher.

His teacher handed out awards and here are the ones Kyle got:

A/B Honor Roll - for consistently earning A's and B's all year!

Perfectly Punctual - for never being tardy this year!

Awesome Athlete - for always giving 100% during P.E.!

Super Scientist - for your excellent work in science and health!

Enthusiastic Participant - for actively participating in class discussions!



Eliza said...

Congratulations Kyle! And Congratulations to Mom and Dad for the Perfectly Punctual award (we know that one really goes to you)!

Shawna said...

Well thanks for the Congrats on the punctual award but I actually made him late once because he wasn't done with one of his jobs. You can read about in this post:
My Poor Kids

I guess the slipped through the cracks