Thursday, June 5, 2008

Preschool Graduation

Lana had a very hard time going to preschool. The first week was great then after that if was a struggle. She would cry and latch on to me every time I would leave. Sometimes she would even run out of the preschool, down the driveway, and chase my car down. Well that only happened once but it was still traumatic for both of us. The last two months she finally got over it and ran to preschool with a smile on her face. She always had a great time at preschool even though there was tear shed in the beginning.

Ronnie's parents, Ronnie and Sue were in town at the time of Lana's graduation. Lana had 5 people attend her graduation with cameras at the ready. All the kids marched out proudly with their little hats on and we all waited to see Lana, and waited, and waited. Lana finally made an appearance after her Dad went to talk to her. Here is a video of Lana's class saying the Pledge of Allegiance after Lana finally made her appearance.

Yes, that was Lana under the table. This is were she stayed for the most part of the graduation program. Her teacher finally got her to come out after bribing her with a prize from the reward box. She didn't talk or sing but she did sit in her chair for the last ten minutes. Here is another video of her teacher talking about her.

We have seen her grow a lot this year and I can't wait to see what new things Kindergarten brings.

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