Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Mania

September is a crazy month for birthdays in my little world. First we have Ronnie's (husband) birthday on the 10th, then Lacey's (sister) birthday on the 20th, then Lana's (daughter) birthday on the 22nd.

This year Lana gets to have cupcakes brought to school for her birthday to share with her class. It just so happens that her class is huge! She has 32 kids in her class and that's not including her teacher and another teacher the kids call kleptomaniac that means I get to make 34 cupcakes.

I don't have cake decorating skills so I cheat. How do I cheat? I use candy and things like that to mask the fact that I can't pipe icing in a way that would make it appetizing to eat. This year I went with a flower theme for her cupcakes.


Here are the Daisy cupcakes, I found the idea for them at Family Fun.


And here are the sunflower cupcakes and I found the idea for them here.

imageWith all this birthday cake and cupcakes during the month I am really glad I was able to find a swimsuit. And as predicted, it was on sale! It would have cost about a hundred dollars, but I got it for $24, woohoo. I've been going to a few aquaerobic classes with some friends and they are fun. Today we are trying a new aqua class where we wear foam boots. Too bad I don't have anyone to video tape it, I'm sure it will be amusing and we will make quite a fashion statement. I also discovered the Fit channel on TV and they have a yoga program on there that I do at home. My hands don't slide on our rug so it's much easier and the best part I can do it at night so I can crawl in bed and go to sleep afterward.


Elizabeth said...

those are cute cupcakes... see you are great at things like that.. can't wait to see those pot pies!

Eliza said...


I'm sure that we look just as graceful in our class as your picture depicts. SO who needs a viedo camera?

Pat said...

I love Ester Williams movies. Great job on the cupcakes. Looks like a lot of work. You go girl!