Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lana's Birthday Party

Last week we celebrated Lana's 5th birthday. She had a Fancy Nancy party. Everyone dressed up very fancy and we had a fancy dinner and even her presents were wrapped in a very fancy way.

We all got to make our own fancy crowns.

Our fancy dinner didn't turn out right but Lana helped it out with the addition of a pink feather...very fancy!
Leave it to her parents to give her a toy/organizer. It's a bean bag stuffed with stuffed animals. I finally have a place for all her stuffed animals and she can finally have all her animals in her room...it's a win win.
Here are a few more birthday party pictures:

Click to play Lana's 5th Birthday


Pat said...

Wow, fancy, schmancy indeed. I am as always very impressed. You never cease to amaze me Shauna.

Smart Helm said...

Impressive party. It just goes to show how much fun one can have with just their family members around if they are willing to ham it up... No problems here!!