Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to Flirt With Your Husband Over Email

Ronnie had to go out of town for work early Tuesday morning.  I've been know to send him pictures of the kids to let him see what's been going on.  He has this nifty phone that lets him get emails and so I talk to him throughout the day via email and no one knows he's taking a personal call (of sorts).  He checks his email during meeting and no one knows because it looks like he is just taking notes.  So this morning I thought I would send him an email that would make him start laughing during the middle of his meeting.

Here is what I sent him:


Hey, here is me wearing my new PTA style shirt.  I fit right in at Lana’s school now.


Here’s my fishy face


Here’s my kissy face


OH my!


Ok, I’ve composed myself and am back to normal…normal as I can be.


I don't know if he started laughing or even if he was in the middle of a meeting, but I did get not one but two emails in return. 

The first one said:

that's awesome - love you

The second said:

you should blog that.

So like a good wife I obeyed...probably for the first time ever!


Eliza said...

That was laugh out loud GREAT! I love the faces, I love that you flirt with your husband and I love that he encourages your blogging!

Anonymous said...

Sooooo glad you're crazy like me, you're an awesome daughter and mother!! Not because you're crazy like me!!...oh well, you know...I'm crazy!! And sometimes life is like a poop filled twinkie!! Love, Mom

Pat said...

Ok that was tooo funny. Totally laugh out loud. ROFLOL even.

Good job.

Demetra said...

You are a great wife and my son is lucky to have you to flirt with.