Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Kind of Handy

Lana's class is having a Halloween party tomorrow. There has been a sign-up sheet for parents to sign-up to help or bring something for the party. Since I'm good friends with Lana's teacher I told her of course I'll come help with the party and just let me know what you need me to bring. I knew there would probably be something that no one would sing-up for and I'll just bring that. So then yesterday she called and asked me to bring 40 pumpkin shaped sugar cookies, but not for Lana's class, no this was for her afternoon class. I said sure why not after giving her a little bit of a hard time.

Today I set out to make the cookies and first started with clearing off the counter. There was a bag that had motor oil in it because my car has decided that oil tastes good and drinks it right up these days. Yes, I've taken it to the shop and it's still a mystery why my car uses so much oil. So anyway, the oil reminded me I need to go check the oil, something I've been forgetting to do. So I go out and check my oil and while I'm doing so my neighbor walks out of his house to get something from his car and I smile and say hi. This is the same neighbor who's lawn I mowed without asking and then blamed it on my son. Nothing else really happen here other than my self thinking, hey I'm a pretty handy woman, I can check my own oil. Ok enough thinking back to the oil, which was just this car is odd.

So then I head back in to make cookies. I go to turn the oven on and notice there is a dirty pot from dinner still sitting there, hey it happens. So I empty the remains in the sink and turn on the disposal. The disposal isn't working. I remember about the reset switch, but that didn't work either. I turn to the internet and learn that there is a place for an allen wrench. Ok, now I'm mad at myself for making Ronnie put his tools away. I have to go find the allen wrench in the garage, I hate the garage. I found it and headed back in. It only took 3 different allen wrenches before I found the right one. Then I flip the switch and hey it worked. I'm feeling pretty handy again. Then I notice that the water is backing up into the other part of the sink. I look up kitchen sink clogs on the internet. I find out you can use a plunger. Well the only plunger we have is a bathroom plunger and well it's just not going anywhere near the sink, YUCK! I decided it would be silly to run out and buy a new one so I grab an old toothbrush and break out the bleach and get to work. I think my plunger is sink worthy now and head back to the kitchen. I decide to try the disposal one last time before I put the plunger in the sink. What do you know the sink with the disposal cleared. The other sink was still clogged with mac and cheese (last night's dinner) so I grab a spoon and start scooping it out and then the clog is cleared. So I have a really clean plunger now and a clean sink, really feeling handy now.

Back to the cookies. As I am making cookies my little helper, Lana, spills some sugar on the floor. Sugar and bare feet are really annoying to me so I stand still and ask Lana to bring me the broom. She breaks out singing, baby come back you can blame it all on me....all the while dancing with the broom. I guess my kids watch way too much TV if they can sing a Swiffer commercial. I was laughing too hard to think straight. I can't even make this stuff up! Kids are hilarious.

We dedicate this song to Ronnie, because well we can get by without you but it sure is so much nicer not to have to.

Oh and here are the cookies I finally got around to making.



Eliza said...

You always amaze me. Your talents are limitless. But this time its Lana who gets the laugh. Hunter and I loved her song!

sara said...

I'm totally laughing out loud at this one. It reminds me of those "If you give a mouse a cookie" books. Very entertaining! Thanks!

Smart Helm said...

That is hil..lar.. i.. us! I am still amazed at ur organization skills to get everything done... and be creative too.

Demetra said...

You are very handy, which is good since Ronnie works so much. You are amazing with the things you accomplish and it always seems like you have a good time. I hope you never change. Lana was great on this one.

Pat said...

You are amazing. I never cease to be amazed. Way to go super mommy. And I still need to make some sugar cookies for my own consuming this halloween season.

Anonymous said...

That's my girls, such talent. Nana, Mom