Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's a Small World After All

Have you seen this show?


I haven't ever really watched this show until this season when we programmed our DVDR to record the whole series. Why? What makes this season so special? Well I'll get to that.

If you have seen it then I'm sure you have heard this guy sing. Well if you haven't you can watch him here.


He is such an amazing singer he even made our kids stop arguing and listen, listen to opera no less!

Neal E. Boyd won the $1 Million Prize and a headline show in Las Vegas. It just so happens that Ronnie grew up in the same town as this guy. Not only that but he was good friends with Neal's older brother and even had sleep overs at his house. Now Neal will be headlining in a show in our bizarre!

We have lived in Vegas for quite sometime and never gone to a show...that is going to change!


Eliza said...

That guy is amazing! That's so cool that you know someone famous.

Smart Helm said...

Perhaps some of that stardust has rubbed off on ur husband... Mm.. has he got some american talent?

Shawna said...

Just as a mother thinks her children are the cutest; as a wife I think my husband is the most talented. But he didn't win a million dollars with is talents...he did however win a life with me.